Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Tricks and Awesome Milestones

Here are a few videos from the past few weeks of all of our little guy's new tricks. :)

He's an aspiring beat-boxer... (he goes on an on...but it's so funny I couldn't stop taping him!)

Pianist...(this one is appropriately shorter)

And He's MOBILE!!! :)
Getting to a sitting position from laying down is BIG for us. Most people think of SB and think "leg weakness" but it's often so much more than that. Jet has good leg strength and muscle town but his torso muscles and even arm muscles are weaker than you'd think. We recently learned that on average SB babies (even in the best cases) are often behind 1 month at least in developmental milestones. Jet's been pretty good keeping up until around 7-9 months and ALOT of milestones (crawling, sitting up on their own, pulling up to stand) start happening around then....usually. Jet's PT doesn't really expect Jet to be on this schedule but we want to stay as close as we can for now. SO we've been working on this for the last month at least and I remember thinking "how do you teach him that?!" but he GOT IT! Not only that but he's moving around the floor and army crawling to get to toys. It's only a matter of time before he's into EVERYTHING. :)
We're so excited at this latest milestone and so proud of our little boy!


Guess Family said...

He's doing so great~! Look at him go!!!

Leigh and Andy said...

This is hilarious! Grey does the exact same thing with that ring toy. Something about throwing toys on the hard wood...YAY to jet for reaching such a huge milestone (s)!!! It's so great to hear how awesome he is doing! keep up the great work!! :) Love from Michigan!

krousehouse said...

He is really moving!

Micki said...

So glad Jet is doing so well! He's doing more at 10 months than I think Kate was doing! Keep up the good work Jet!!!!!

Chris, Liz, and Baby Em said...

!! First off, the spring pictures are beautiful...he's like a little daffodil! Jet's doing so well at mobility! How exciting to see him transitioning to and from sitting, and army crawling. What wonderful times these are, to be celebrating our babies and all they are accomplishing.

Happy Easter!

The Keichers

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh-does Jet love to watch those rings wobble, too? Nate will seriously do this for HOURS if we let him. We have to take all toys that "wobble" away from him and boy does he get mad! Great job sitting, Jet! That's big stuff!

Scasmflops said...

Wonderful!!! Go Jet!!!

truly blessed said...

way to go, jet! get to baby proofing, momma. he's got determination. not to mention quite an arm! can you say...short stop? third base? ;)

Summers Family said...

Go Jet go! What great videos. He is really doing so well - what a blessing. You both must be so excited about his wonderful progress. Great job Jet and Mommy!

Happy Easter.

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