Monday, March 1, 2010

Lucky is an Understatement

As a new month begins I'll say welcome to March the best way I know how - with a new background and more pictures. :) When I taught first grade - you knew when the seasons changed based on the upcoming holidays. It's February -gotta send home the class list for Valentines! October?- better stock up on orange construction paper and hold on tight for the sugar rush to hit! And if you let December sneak up on you - you might as well take 3 advil everyday till the New Year.

Now it's March (time to think about how much you want the naughty "leprechauns" to mess up your classroom - will one desk turned over be enough?) but since my 9 month old doesn't exactly keep up with the calendar - that leaves mommy to make her own fun...if she remembers. (Did I mention ground-hog day went TOTALLY unacknowledged this year? Did he see his shadow? What are we in for!?) Now, my sister has red hair. If you don't know what that is supposed to mean then I'll elaborate (and honestly? How would you know what that means?). If you have red hair then (according to my childhood) you're most likely Irish. (Nevermind that we can't trace our lineage back to Ireland at all as far as I know). And if you're most likely Irish - then you know about St. Patrick's Day - and it is YOUR holiday. So not only did we grow up wearing green (and let's face it - why would you risk getting pinched?) but we had our very own little curly-haired leprechaun. I still can't see a shamrock and not think of Kayleigh. I don't even know if she's still into "being Irish." :) And though I'm not sure how many hours we spent looking for 4 leaf clovers in our yard (and our neighbor's) or how many nights we stayed up building leprechaun traps (for SCHOOL PROJECTS no less - please - I'm a teacher and I know that's not educational. I picture all my former teachers laughing when they thought of those frazzled parents up late building traps, burning themselves with hot glue and covered in glitter and bandaids the next morning as they DROVE their kids to school so their masterpieces won't get smashed on the bus. Sigh...Is that going to be me?) Of a few things I am sure of. I love St. Patrick's Day. I hate trying to explain why we celebrate it to 7 year olds (something about snakes?). I love thinking of rainbows and decorating in green. I hate when people who are clearly not wearing green say "I'm wearing green underwear." Please. I will pinch you anyway.
I am looking forward to dressing my own lucky charm ALL in green so as to protect him thoroughly from would-be-pinchers! And until then - I will take his picture with a green blanket - to set the mood. :)
Lucky to Have Him.


Selina said...

He is such a cutie!! Love those eyes!
You have a beautiful family.

Bugg's mama said...

Wow. What a handsome guy. Lovely pictures! I have a special boy, too. It's hard, but good. Happy to meet you!

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