Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meeting Spring.

Why hello spring...
We've never met...but my name is Jet.
Yes... it is a pretty cool name.
I really like your flowers...they match my shirt.
Can I touch them? I promise I'll be sweet.
Wow. Spring is even in the trees!
I really like these too...
Good thing my Daddy is so strong. He can lift me up to see them!
Daddy you look so little down there!
Is there anything better than being tossed into the warm spring air, and never once fearing Daddy wouldn't catch you? Babies are so trusting. And why shouldn't you be little baby?
We would never let you fall.
Now all that changes when you start moving around on your own...no promises there buddy.
When you're learning to walk, climb a tree, ride a bike...falling will be part of the process...and I honestly can't wait! Because for you to do all of those things would be
fabulous, fantastic and fun!
And even the falling will be a blessing. :)


krousehouse said...

Oh my goodness, I love the yellow flowers, yellow shirt photos!

Jill said...

Gorgeous pictures!!

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

I love all the pictures! Maddie ate part of of a daffodil the other day. Ha, ha! I'm so proud of Jet's milestones! Maddie did not get in to a sitting postion from laying down till she was 10 months. He is trucking right along and showing everyone how strong he is. It brightens my day to see all your pictures. He is such a handsome boy!!

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