Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Okay - so don't panic. There is really nothing "bad" or "ugly" going on here (aside from the yucky bronchitis Jet has had the past few days now ( cue collective "aww poor baby"). ) I merely reference the familiar phrase as inspiration for this post. While watching sesame street on the floor one morning last week, I was playing with the camera (yes - I know - but there are still buttons I don't understand on this thing) and I noticed the array of Jet's toys scattered about. There are so many (some I'm not even sure where they came from) and as I looked at them all I decided to pay tribute (and give titles) to a few...

This colorful cow (once a frighting toy to our Jet) plays music and vibrates - moving itself across the floor in an attempt to lure your baby forcing him/her into crawling after it. lol. Jet is not so easily fooled and is content to watch it then pick it up when it comes to him ( i.e.when mommy caves and points it in his direction or flat out hands it to him). But he loves it. And it is only second to the stacking rings as far as favorites go. Jet is a pro at the stacking rings.
Yes. The paci. Once used for car rides, naps and quieting noisy moments in church - now serves as a great discus or boomerang that only comes back to you when somebody fetches it. Most of the time - it is ignored.
Do you ever outgrow a soft stuffed animal? I hope not. Jet is the King of Cuddle and still loves all things soft and furry. Including unwilling furry toys like our cat.

Which brings us to our final cateogry...
While there is a lot of unsatisfied reaching done by our little man - none are so earnestly sought after as the "forbidden." These tokens of temptation are rare and wonderful commodities for two cubby hands and a mouth of drool. (Yes. I'm talking about Jet all you funny people who will comment on that pretending I'm referring to David or something.) :) I've almost given up on jewelry entirely (almost) and I've certainly learned the value of drawstring sweatshirts and scarves with fringe or tassels. But when I can't stand to be pulled and chewed on anymore - I can always count on this toy to serve as a suitable distraction.

The Bongo Drum.
Great for hitting, lifting and licking.
I am very proud at how he's figured out when the music stops to hit the drum and get it going again. He's destined for greatness I tell you.
And he is so curious.And pensive.
And aggressive. lol.
Is this a King Kong reversal or what?
Love his smiling eyes.
And this cracks me up. I can't tell if he's saying "speak into to my good ear" in his old man voice or "say what?!" in his cool teen voice or " I can't hear you!" in his pep rally voice. But whatever it's too funny.
And of course. Those little miracle toes. They were always looking at those little feet on the ultrasounds. I will never forget the doctor saying "feet look remarkably well." And though his right foot (below is his left foot) is a little weaker and has one little toe that seems to stick out farther than the others (lol. it's true)...they will always be perfect to me. And they will forever be a reminder of how blessed we are to have a baby with such "remarkable" little toes.


Holl said...

Great pics Joanna. I love reading your posts. (cue scary stalker music).

krousehouse said...

I love the forbidden fruit!

Stephanie said...

Someone must have gotten a new camera! Nate was afraid of the cow at first too but he grew to love it. You've got quite a handsome little guy there!

Scasmflops said...

I always love your posts, and can't get over how adorable Jet is. :) Great pics mom!

Lindsay said...

Cute little toes! I love baby feet :-)

Summer Pendley said...

Joanna~ LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! The Writer in me appreciates the Writer in you! We can't wait to meet up with ya'll! Hope Jet is on the mend! And, by the way, love the King Kong reversal...get 'em Jet!

truly blessed said...

i LOOOOOOOOVE his pensive look. :)))
sorry sweet jet is sick. :( please give him a hug for me. i'll miss seeing his sweet face tomorrow. now who will i look at during services? ;)

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