Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bunny is my Home Boy

This is what I get to play with all day! He's like my own rainbow-bright doll. lol.
This is Jet's impression of the very hungry caterpillar. :)
My sunshine.
Trying to hide from mommy!
I don't think so silly boy!
Hey Jet! Whatcha doin?
Just hanging out in my crib with bunny. We're pals.
He lets me bite him. And I like his fluffiness.
Speaking of fluffiness. Who is that silly baby in a blanket?
Jet! It's you! quilt. It's new every time I see it! lol.
Yes - after a week of staying at home Jet is getting restless. Okay so Mommy is getting restless too. :) We went on a little walk yesterday but it was pretty chilly even wrapped up in blankets so we didn't stay out long.
Jet tried to get ready by putting his paci in by himself....

"mommy is it supposed to squish my nose up like this?"
Bundled up my blue-eyed boy. :)
Today is really nice out so we went on another walk and it was much better - although Prince Jet didn't like the sun in his royal eyes so Mommy had to pull him backwards through the sunny parts. Can you say high-maintenance? lol. I guess he comes by it honestly. ;) Jet is continuing to recover nicely - I'm wishing we were getting those staples out sooner so I could get the "all is ok" from the doc and feel like Jet was totally recovered. He seems to feel good most of the time - and when he's fussy I still know we have teething to blame so it's hard to separate the ailments. He is taking more frequent and successful naps in his crib now and sleeping through the night again! :) Who knows how long it will last but his "fussy-night" streak that started back at just under 4 months old seems to have lifted finally at 6 months! It's spoiling us all over again I'm sure...but for now I'm enjoying the extra sleep. :) Well - that's all for now! I'll leave you with some more pics from our week at home.

At night Daddy reads me stories....we really get into "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Daddy tries to compete with my impression.
I've been in jammies all day! Mommy what is going on!?
Do you see these things on my feet?
They look just like my stuffed animal!
but I can't get them in my mouth!
sometimes is frustrating...sometimes it's funny.
Sometimes I really have to think about it...
But in the end I like them. :)
The End

Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Laughs

The day after Thanksgiving we braved the mall for Black Friday shopping with the family. Jet was in his pjs and we were set for a crowded (hopefully short) shopping experience. And it was PACKED as I expected....oddly enough Santa's Workshop was very quiet and there was basically NO LINE at all to see the jolly man! We were not expecting to introduce Jet to Santa or have his picture taken but seeing as he was so available we were persuaded (by Jet's Aunt Kelly and Michelle) to make a memory. :) Jet was not scared at all - but he did give us this priceless (and total Jet) face when they snapped the picture. All I can say is Jet better watch out when he brings his first girlfriend home. lol. Mommy loves this picture!
The of course Daddy was inspired to showcase even more funny Jet faces and created the classic elf-yourself video of our unsuspecting 6month old. It's pretty funny too. :) Babies are so stinkin' hilarious!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Santa Baby

Okay - my little boy is sleeping so I wanted to post some cute pics we took LAST weekend for some Christmas card options. We've never done a Christmas card so I hope I can begin that tradition starting with showing off our sweetest gift of all. :) Plus - the holidays are going to fly by I'm sure so why not get some holiday pics in NOW! :)
Here's some pics of our little elf:

Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Santa Baby!
lol. He looks surprised.
Sleigh Bells. Jingle Bells. Silver Bells. Whatever they are I like them!
And I like this tree!
And I like these berries!
And I LOVE my reindeer!
This is great!
Jingley things!
Shiney things!
Bright colored things!
Snuggly things!
Christmas is AWESOME!

This Shunt can't Stop me from Smiling

Little by little our boy seems to be adjusting to his new device. He is eating better (granted he did throw up dinner last night...but he was way more active yesterday) and moving around more to see everything and hear every sound like he used to. He is even smiling. :) He smiled a lot yesterday and it made us so happy to feel like he is okay.
Check out my leg-warmers! Mommy says they have robots on them so it's okay for boys.
Really pants are not an option cause of my tummy incision so this is a way to keep those chubbies warm!
Happy and Playing.
Here I'm watching a little bit of Robin Hood on the computer with Uncle Nate.
Here's a video.
I even took a pif his poor little head (I do this mostly for any expectant SB parents who will find this blog and take comfort from real experiences and real babies who have gone through this - the unknown is so scary and I think shedding light can help you go "oh... I can handle that."

The staples come out on the 15th. They don't seem to bother him too much so I'm thankful for that. So we are doing good. Slowly but surely getting things back to normal. :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Home is where your baby sleeps.

Yes everyone we are HOME! We were given the "okay to go" last night and got home around 8:00 - just in time for bed according to Jet. :) The shunt surgery was a success - no problems yet thank GOD- and the doc says the fluid was flowing great. When they brought him back to us I thought right away that Jet's head looked different then I noticed how sunk in his soft spot was! I don't think I realized how raised it was until the fluid was gone and it looked so flat! Now it's looking more normal and the staples aren't bad at all - nothing like his poor back looked after his spinal surgery. He has some stitches on his tummy too - about 1 1/2 inches long- and i cringe to see his poor little tummy all stitched like that. :( That's the part that looks like it hurts. When Jet came out of anesthesia he was pretty calm and sleepy for while but recognized us with a grunt when we first saw him (talk about making his Daddy and I smile.) Then around 8:00 that night the crying started and let me say - the saddest cries I've ever heard. He was hoarse and there were tears and it sounded so horrible! I guess I'll never know if it was the pain, the unfamiliar, the changed of pressure in his head (doctor mentioned this will affect him for a week or so making him irritable) or just coming out off the anesthesia and morphine - but whatever upset him REALLY UPSET HIM. He would sleep then wake up every 30-45min or so to cry (sometimes more frequently) all night long... probably the longest night of my life. David and I were squeezed onto a little cot the width of a twin bed and there were other babies and kids crying in the other rooms alarms going off in the hospital and our own sweet boy waking up very upset. But THANK GOD everything seems to be working and he is feeling better now at home - still sleeping this morning at 8:00am and only woke up ONCE last night! Hence the title of this blog - Jet is definitely happy to be in his bed at home!

So thank you ALL for your prayers and KEEP EM COMIN cause the next few weeks scare me just as much as I pray the shunt will work and we won't experience any shunt malfunctions or infection and end up back at the hospital. We have warning signs to look for (fever, extreme sleepiness, vomiting, inconsolability) so pray we don't see any of those and that Jet rests and eats and keeps healing! Our biggest concern right now is keeping Jet hydrated. His appetite yesterday was minimal and he vomited 2 times while were were still in the hospital -oh my goodness it scared me- but they said it was expected and gave us some anti-nausea before we came home that definitely helped - but vomiting a lot is a warning sign so I'm praying he keeps his food down today. I would hate him to get dehydrated and put us right back in the hospital.

So much of this is unknown and unpredictable. If you know me those are NOT things I handle well. I want to KNOW and PREDICT and FIX....and I can't. Once again I'm reminded of the hymn "Teach me Lord to Wait" and I am reciting in it my head to keep me calm and trusting HIM. So in your prayers, ask God to help me (and my family) wait on the Lord for guidance, healing, wisdom and faith. We will keep you posted with Jet's progress. :) He goes back in 2 weeks to have the staples and stitches removed so I'm praying all goes well until then.

Thank you all and God bless you.
Here are some pics of the little guy getting ready for surgery.
The nurse in pre-op blew bubbles while she took his blood pressure. It was so cute! He loved them!
Mommy and Daddy used this toy ALOT to distract me! We had to wait for 3 hours before surgery time came.
I was a little congested so they gave me this breathing treatment. It was weird. lol.
The bright waiting room. This really is a great hospital.
I have my bunny before surgery! He's a little squished under Daddy's arm.
And Aubie meets me after. :)
Little angel coming out of recovery in his room.
He had this blanket in the NICU after he was born...and it's still a favorite.
Cleaning up after a bottle of pedialite. :)
Still a little out of it. But so cute.
Can we go home now?
Yes baby boy. :) We love you.

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