Sunday, August 2, 2009

Handsome Man

Just had to post some pictures of the most handsomest boy in the neighborhood. :)
He looks so big in this picture. So "little boy" instead of "baby boy."

That's all folks

Two Months and Too Cool

Hello all! Jet is doing fabulous as you can see. :) He had his two month check up last week and our little man is 11lbs7oz - right on track. :) He did really great with his shots (though it was really sad to see him cry) and recovered quickly once I was able to pick him up. He's a good little boy.
Jet also went to see Dr. Hudgins - his neurosurgeon - and he said Jet is still looking great! No shunt and healing beautifully. Here are some picks from our trips to the doctors.
What is that face? lol.

Oops. I forgot I gotta live up to my bib. :) Be tough!
Bottles help me keep my cool. :)
Me and my doctor. :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mi Familia

Hola mi amigos! Yes, we are teaching Jet spanish. lol. Not really...not yet anyway. Not even sure how to spell anything I just tried to say. Pretty sure Aunt Kay can see to his bilingual studies in the future. But we did want to post a few pics from last week when Jet had several family moments with 2 generations of grandparents who love him.
Almost as much as we do... ;)

Here is Jet with his great grandfather - Papi's Daddy (Mommy calls him Geedaddy).
And Jet with his Papi (Mommy's Daddy).
Both Geemommy and Geedaddy got to hold Jet and spend some time watching his cuteness. :) Jet was very awake and just stared and stared at his great-grandparents.

Then made some silly faces.
Then Jet got an evening visit from his Grandmother and Grandfather Penny. :) What a big day of family gathering. Jet didn't hesitate to chat it up and show off his new baby talk.

Time for bed cute little stinker. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You?

Okay so my teacher clock is going off with school starting in a few weeks and I'm making Dr. Seuss references. lol. He's dressed in brown...and he is beginning to make noises that could be mistaken as mooing, so it seemed appropriate. :) It is funny how I am excited about the school year. It comes naturally I guess. But I will be playing a different role this time - as Mommy. Yes I am staying at home with my little angel who' s not big enough for school quite yet. :) But I'm sure we will be visiting our share of school between Mommy's and Daddy's schools to meet their friends and former students. Until then we will spend the last bit of summer just spending time with Mr. Brown. :)
Our Little Man is certainly not camera shy. :)
See the hand behind his head...yeah he's workin it. lol.
These new shoes are from my cousin Jane. They are camo and say "little trooper" on them. She knows how I am Mommy and Daddy's little trooper. :)

Being this cute is exhausting...

It's time for a nap.
When I wake up I love my toys. lol. This cracks mommy up.
Here is some video of how big I'm getting. And this is not how I ride in my carseat btw. :)

Okay so there's a story behind this video. This morning Jet was showing off his new trick from the last day or so - talking. Well...we call it talking. :) He makes noises that aren't crying or burping so it's a pretty cool thing to us. lol. So he's just cooing away and as soon as I get the camera out he stops and just stares at me. So I stop taping cause I'm running out of memory on the camera and then he starts up again! This happened 3 times and every time I'd stop the camera he'd talk, and when I'd start he'd stop and stare. My mom and I were cracking up. So you can hear us in the background as we laugh at this little jokester.

Fresh Air and Friendship

Hello everybody! Jet is back in the photo takin' business. :) We got to snap a few shots this weekend of our growing boy and marvel at how big he is getting. Such a chubby little thing! lol. He loves being outside these days. When he gets fussy we usually end up out in the warm air and it calms him down. We even went on our first trip to the park last week. Jet fell asleep in his stroller and after becoming surprisingly winded pushing him around, Mommy decided it was time to start exercising and get back in shape! :)
The most sweetest thing you ever did see :)
I love Mommy...
But Mommy is crazy. :)
Aunt Kelly and Me. :) She is such a good cuddler.
Later that night we had a great and wonderful visit from our good friends the Bassetts (remember the cool Jet blanket? Those Bassetts :) ) and Jet got his picture taken with Hope. David and I remember when Hope was born and used to hold her when she was just a baby like Jet. Now Hope is a beautiful young lady and holding OUR baby! We made it clear to Jet that he is not allowed to grow up that fast. :)
We love you Miss Kelley, Mr. Drake, Evan, Grace, Claire and Hopey. :) Visit again soon!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lazy Dayz

So people have asked for updates but there is not much to update. :) The Jet-Man is doing well - he's got a pair of lungs on him and will holler at us every now and then for a while - but overall he is great. :) He has wonderful manners in public (we really worked with him on this. lol.) and has recently made a trip to the mall and several appearances at church. He is really working on his tongue exercises these days and trying to smile and even talk to us. He's actually more of lip-sync kinda guy - he moves his mouth at us but most of the time no sound comes out. There is an occasional "ahh" sound but he saves those for really important conversations.

You know I'll use any excuse to post pictures of my little guy - but life has been so unorganized and busy in a "not-sure -what-I-did-all-day" sort of way that I have even failed to take pictures recently! :) These are all I have - some pics David snapped of a nap-on-mommy the other day. Enjoy the dozing dream-boat and I promise to post more soon. :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 3rd and 4th!

First off everybody- this is Jet speaking and I have good news. I went to my first physical therapy appointment today and it went GREAT! The therapist was so nice and she was so excited at the movement and muscles I have! She said my feet and legs were very good and I only have to wear one special shoe on my right foot now (my left one is a-ok!). She says that this shoe will help my foot develop nice a straight with a good arch so I can walk on them WITHOUT HELP someday! That's right! Yet another diagnosis that I will be walking on my own...only time will tell of course, but we LOVE hearing that. Mommy and Daddy still can't get over how good all the doctors say I am doing. It so wonderful to see such obvious answers to prayers every day. What blessings...

Like my special Jet blanket? It's from my good friends the Bassetts in New York. They had it made especially for me. :) I can't wait to meet those people. Thank you Bassetts! We celebrated two very special July days this weekend. Aunt Kay's birthday falls on the day before all the fireworks but we had more fun celebrating her than anything else. It was also a very special weekend because Aunt Cheri in California got married! Weddings, birthdays and babies all over the place this summer! lol. We can't wait to see pictures of Aunt Cheri and Uncle Dan (yes...another Dan in the family! Jet will think everybody is named Dan before long. lol) at their wedding. Until then, here are some pics from the weekend. :)

Sweetest little boy in the world!
And his Daddy is nice too. :)

My Aunt Jan! (Little Jane's Nana) :)

Sleepy Baby

Ohh! Bright sun mommy! :(
The ladies love me! :)
Hungry Baby!

I love it when pretty girls feed me bottles.

We had cookie cake and games for Aunt Kay's birthday!

Hi Mommy.
Aunt Kelly Loves Me!
Too much cookie cake!

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