Sunday, August 2, 2009

Two Months and Too Cool

Hello all! Jet is doing fabulous as you can see. :) He had his two month check up last week and our little man is 11lbs7oz - right on track. :) He did really great with his shots (though it was really sad to see him cry) and recovered quickly once I was able to pick him up. He's a good little boy.
Jet also went to see Dr. Hudgins - his neurosurgeon - and he said Jet is still looking great! No shunt and healing beautifully. Here are some picks from our trips to the doctors.
What is that face? lol.

Oops. I forgot I gotta live up to my bib. :) Be tough!
Bottles help me keep my cool. :)
Me and my doctor. :)


Leigh and Andy said...

Such great pictures!! What a cutie! I'm so happy to hear that everything is going well. GOOOOO JET!!!! :) oh, check your inbox on FB!!! :)

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

Yaaaay Jet! I'm so proud of you! I can;t believe how big you are getting and that smile just melts my heart. Your white hat is too cute for words. Tell your Mommy you want to come visit us at school and that you need to see Maddie again, too! Hugs and kisses!!

Micki said...

Yeah Jet! What wonderful news that you are doing so well. So handsome too. Makes an auntie proud!

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