Friday, August 28, 2009

Rainin' and Rockin'

It's a rainy day and I thought I'd post some pics of Jet. lol. Here is when I caught him looking pensive in his room the other day. This is a very comfy rocking chair so I understood why he was in it. :) He saw me with the camera and decided to work his magic. I'm not into baby beauty pageants at all, but if I was, Jet seems like the type who would go along with it no complaints. lol. (And no I did not position him with his arm behind his head in those pictures- he just loves that pose! It's so funny.)

Have a blessed day everybody!


Kayleigh said...

He gets the arm thing from his Papi and Aunt Kay.

He's a suitor!

Guess Family said...

ahhh i want to squeeze him! look at that pose!

Carli said...

The behind the head arm poses crack me up! I have one of him doing that after being just a couple of hours old! Born to be in pictures!

Leigh and Andy said...

What a cutie!! I just want to hug that little man! :)

truly blessed said...

Oh my word, I'm laughing out loud! That hand beside his head pose is hilarious. The one with his arms out to the side is like he's saying...."What?" He's workin' it Mommy. ;)
I LOVE the shot on your header. That sweet face is priceless.♥

Johnson A GoGo! said...

Excuse me but I need a Jet fix, please!!!

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