Friday, August 21, 2009

Around Town

Jet is getting more and more alert and expressive every day. :) He is such a big boy and enjoys going on errands with mommy while daddy is at school. This past Tuesday was Aunt Kay's last day of summer before heading back to school in florida, so we spent the day with her and the family. Jet really likes us to document things like this so here are some pictures from the day. :)
Mommy and Me

Wow Uncle Nate! I can see everything from up here!
Mommy and Jet don't like the sun in our eyes. lol. I guess we're both babies.
Cuddle time with Aunt Kay
We went out to dinner that night and met up with the rest of the fam. :)

Aunt Kelly stole me away. :) She and I get along really well.

The doting females surround him 24/7. lol

Jet was sneaky in this picture! He loves being the center of attention. ;)


Guess Family said...

AHHH!! He's getting so big! He is just a miracle and I can't get over how cute he is! You guys look so happy!!!

Kayleigh said...

Ur babes is totes presh.

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