Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tastes Like Chicken

Because it IS chicken!
Jet should be a spokesperson for the chicken industry or at LEAST for chick-fil-a...That boy loves nuggets! And we mommies love it too. :) Tearing them up into little bites when they're still HOT...not so much love there. But I do it for my boy! Anything that gets him excited about eating and I'll fix it. Tonight wasn't chick-fil-a - but chicken was served and Jet ate his share. :)
He cracks me up with his appetite - he LOVES LOVES LOVES (I mean he says "mmm" and opens his mouth for more) chicken, anything with a tomato base (soup, pasta, pizza...but no babyfood), cheesy things, refried beans, broccoli cheddar soup, ICE CREAM, pudding, ham (lol. yes. ham.) and most bread.

Things he WON'T touch - applesauce, veggies, most babyfood, baby cereal, bits of fruit (like mandarine oranges, pears, plums...too weird for him. He makes such a FACE!). And things that he used to love and has had a falling out with - oatmeal, grits, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes. May they rest in peace.
I'm sure it's only the beginning of foods to bite the dust. I just hope prunes aren't next. We NEED our prunes. :)
Eat Up Ya'll!


Leigh and Andy said...

These boys need to have a dinner date! Grey is a lover of chicken also!! Veggies and fruit however, that's another story!

Nina said...

Looks a little like he is eating raw chicken! Lol. Could that possibly be some of that fruit that he won't touch? I hope Aunt Kelly doesn't get sad because he has food on his face! Sweet pics! Love Nina

Joanna and David said...

lol. It's not raw - that's tomatoes. :) And don't worry Aunt Kelly - we gave him a good bath afterwards.

truly blessed said...

what a good eater! :) that boy wants real food, not that jarred baby food mess. bring on the meat and potatoes! :)

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