Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Grass is Greener... your own backyard. :)
I know I have sometimes been guilty of having "the grass is greener over there" moments. There is always that friend who always looks so stylish, or that family member who is so creative, or that neighbor who's yard is consistently "yard of the month." Usually I feel inspired or motivated to take action...but sometimes you just feel inferior. And "the grass is greener" feels more like a weight on your chest than fire under your feet. And in the world of SB - it's sometimes better just to "keep off the grass". There is always that child who is sitting, crawling, standing, walking....before your child.
There are those babies with super-human powers that defy the natural developmental stages and are running around at 9 months...and honestly those don't really get to you
...because you know that's not the norm.
And then there are those babies who are advancing beyond your child but are your child's same age...and those sort of start to get to you...
but you know every child is different so you can shrug that off to.
And then, there are those children who are younger than your child...who were not sitting up when your child was, or saying "dada" or starting to crawl...and are now walking around effortlessly...and you see them walking right into the most beautiful green grass...

And you feel that twinge of "am I doing something wrong?" or "am I not helping him enough?"
And worse is the reminder that your child "shouldn't be doing this's normal for SB."
Isn't that the term "normal" can seem so... not normal.
Using word normal and SB in the same sentence seems both contradictory and natural.
Our lives are not "normal" in the way that they are not always easy or predictable or able to be controlled....but then again...whose are?
Are any of our lives are free from frustration or worry?
Free from feeling left out or wanting to fix things or experiencing sadness?
Free from wanting the best for our children and always wanting to give them more...
then marveling how we could not ask for more than what they give us
The love they give us every day.
Their smiles that warm us up.
Those little ray of sunshine smiles that heat the earth...
...and make the grass greener... our own backyard.


Nina said...

To both my babies! You are so beautiful inside and out. Josie you are absolutely the perfect mommy for my little boy. So wise beyond your years ( even if you do have a birthday in a few days). Love you bunches. Nina

krousehouse said...

He is the cutest! Reminds me of what I have to look forward to...on Monday. There will be endless pics...

Sarah Hull said...

Well, too bad I just put mascara on! I love this post so much! It's so true!

p.s. I might need an 8x10 of that second picture to put up in my living room because I love it so much!

Leigh and Andy said...

Add another 8X10 that that order please! I seriously just sat and stared at that picture for at lease a minute. He is SO precious! I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HIM!!!!!!!!!

Summers Family said...

What a beautiful and oh so true post Joanna. It can be so hard sometimes, but parenthood is hard but completely worth it! Those are wonderful pictures of Jet. He is so adorable. I just can not wait to hold him and get pictures of him and Annabelle together - that will be priceless. I've been telling everyone that Annabelle's boyfriend is coming to town. I can't wait!!

"staying off the grass" is really good advice. I have to admit that sometimes I am feeling so great and then I read/see something on our SB group and start to worry and doubt - it can be very frustrating. Oh, well I just try and stay focused on the positive.


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