Monday, May 24, 2010

Let the Birthdays Begin...

With Mine! (lol)
This weekend we began the countdown to the big O-N-E for our little man (don't make me cry)-
Yours truly had to sneak in her birthday first. May is a BIG birthday month in our family and towards
the end they all get crammed together. lol. But I have a few family members in particular (Aunt Kelly. :))
Who REALLY put the "Happy" in "Happy Birthday." So we did HAPPY!
Okay I'll tell you - I turned 26 (ahh!) on Sunday and I have to say so far 26 has been amazing!
A good cookie cake is the perfect kick-off.
Caution: watch out for bursts of flame!
My mom took some pictures of the 3 of us (you momma's out there know that NEVER happens!)
A rare a perfect moment - me with my boys. The best present.
And check this out...
I can't believe how big he's getting. And standing! Of course we're holding on to him
like perfectly cautious parents but he is STANDING none the less. :)
And can you believe how cute?!
Uh-oh...somebody's getting bored.
Momma's Boy.
...and Surprises!
Could there be a better birthday combination?
Thanks so much to my fabulous family and friends who made this one of the most special birthdays I've had yet!


Summers Family said...

Happy Birthday my friend! Oh, to be 26 again :-) My big day is on Monday, yes big. I'm going to be 37 (shh, don't tell). Where does the time go??

Those are really beautiful family pictures. Very special. Standing, huh? That's a wonderful birthday present. You've got one special guy there.

Hope your birthday week is great!



Leigh and Andy said...

So glad to hear that you had such a great birthday! The pic of Jet standing between the two of you is priceless...I love it! Give Jet a birthday hug from us! I still can't believe that he is going to be ONE!! Where does the time go?

truly blessed said...

oh, happy birthday, beautiful momma!!!

Mandi said...

Happy (late) birthday, friend! I love the pictures! You are so is very rare to get a picture of all three of us at one time. What a special birthday treat!

Oh, and another thing...Your hair always looks so perfect. I need you to teach me your tricks :-)

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