Saturday, November 28, 2009

Surrounded by Family

Another wonderful part of this holiday (aside from the Jet-Man's 6 month celebration) was being with our families. We were blessed to have David's brother and sister in town along with their "other halves." It was Jet's first time meeting everyone (except Uncle Daniel...but who knows what babies remember. For Jet everybody could be new.) All that said what better way to get to know everyone than to TAKE PICTURES! :) It was a well documented (sometimes color coordinated) weekend. :)

The Penny Family
Uncle Dan'l and Me.

Meeting Auntie Cheri and...wait...he's my Uncle Dan? Daniel and Dan?
You people are out to confuse me for sure. :) But I sure liked his beard!
Oh hi Grandpa!

Then it was off to meet...
The Palmer Family this was not all the same day. We don't change clothes that many times.
Well...maybe Jet does.
Beautiful Boy!
Bundled Up.
Isn't he gorgeous in black! :) Steals my heart!
His daddy looks good in black too. :)
Aunt Kay loves me! Even when I'm about to spit-up on her. lol.
He colors my word!
And this adorable hat was courtesy of Aunt Kay and her trip to Italy last Christmas...yep before I was even born I got PRESENTS!
Papi is good at holding me.
And so is Nina.
One of my favorites. Papi and Jet.

Christmas is COMING to Kennesaw!
Let's hear it for the boys!
and of course...
Girls just wanna have fu-un!
Yes...a pun was intended. lol.
The End.
Happy Holidays to our FAMILY! For you we are so thankful!


The Calak's said...

Very cute pictures!

Leigh and Andy said...

Looks like you guys had a GREAT Thanksgiving!! Lots of family to take your mind off of Monday (although I'm sure it didn't work) Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking and praying for you guys like crazy! Give Mr. Jet a big hug from us!! :)

shannon_michelle said...

I held your hand today little man!! You are too precious :) You're in my prayers for tomorrow... you'll be great!!


truly blessed said...

i LOOOOOOVE those pictures!♥ what a beautiful coordinated family. :) (p.s. i want your coat.) ;)

Guess Family said...

You took your pics at CHad and I's special xmas eve spot! We always go to the tree in Kennesaw on christmas eve to take pics and walk around looking at all the lights.We have done it since hs. :) I love jet and all of his many hats!! Thinking of you tomorrow!!!

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