Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You expect me to eat this?

Jet - I'd like you to meet oatmeal.
It's time you two got acquainted.
Just remember not to judge things by their appearance.
And first impressions aren't always correct.
I took a video of this first encounter with cereal and for the first minute and a half he cried (oatmeal running down his chin) until I gave him a little of bottle. lol. This is the edited version. But it still shows a little of his feelings about his first taste of solid food. :)


Micki said...

Good job Jet! Only Macy ever ate much cereal (oatmeal only) and even then not a lot. Your other Palmer cousins gagged and choked and acted like I was killng them and so I pretty much gave up. You did super! PS Don't worry if you don't like it much now, you find you'll like all sorts of good things and eat them often!!!

Kayleigh said...
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Kayleigh said...

Have you told him about all the starving Ethiopians yet? That oughta get him eating his oatmeal. Worked for Nathaniel.

Leigh and Andy said...

He's even cute with oatmeal all over his face! :) It took Grey a good week- 2 weeks to get the hang of it and really like it. Now...he's crazy about all things food!!! :) Oh, LOVE the bibs by the way...gotta love Target! :)

Nathaniel said...

It's ok, Jetty Boy! I still make that face eating oatmeal. Tell mommy to add a little Velveeta next time.

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