Friday, November 6, 2009

Mad Hatter

Cool weather means some pretty cool hats according to our little guy. Here are some pics to make you say "Hey...I need a hat like that!" :)
This sweater and hat were hand-made by a friend of ours who lives next to grandmother and grandfather. It was a gift before Jet was even born and we couldn't wait for him to wear this cuddly combo. They fit perfectly!
Jet loves it - he tries to chew on it of course but I can't stand to let him! I sure do have my work cut out for me with this little caterpillar chewing through everything. :)
This next one is a favorite of mine. :) It makes his eyes look so grey! And who doesn't love a raccoon on your baby's head?
A view from of our driveway.
And his sweatshirt matches! :) Sweet boy - I'm so glad you have no choice but to wear whatever mommy puts you in. :)
Here Jet is "in the hood".
But underneath is this fabulous fashion statement. lol. It has jets on it...did I have a choice?!
His shirt says "knight in shinning armor". And he is.
From our home to yours - Enjoy this fabulous fall weather. And don't forget to wear a hat!

1 comment:

truly blessed said...

He is def a hat boy. I wish I looked that cute in hats! Those are all fabulous. Can't wait to see his sweet face in the morning (and you and David too, of course). ;)

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