Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thankful for 6 months!

Yes our little baby celebrated his HALF-BIRTHDAY on Thanksgiving Day. :) Such a big boy! We cannot believe he is already half a year old.
Nina and Aunt Kelly made me my "half birthday" cake. :)
A look at last year's Thanksgiving...we didn't even know it was a boy! And here he is! What cracks me up is how David and I look EXACTLY the same. lol. We are so un-creative.
I'm not sure he liked this. lol.

We had a lot of fun with family and tried to follow the nurse at pre-op's advice and "not worry over the holiday." I still can't stop thinking about monday. Every time I come his hair, or give him a bath, or pull a shirt over his head I think about how we are going to have to watch that pretty little (or rather not-so-little) head carefully for a while as he recovers from his surgery...and then even longer as the shunt is a permanent thing. But I am thankful none the less. Thankful for my angel. Thankful he is healthy. Thankful the doctors have watched him and can help him. Thankful we are not alone and have so much support. Thankful God knows and cares and loves my baby. So here's to being thankful.
God knows we have much to be thankful for.

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The Calak's said...

Our prayers and thoughts are with you while your little baby boy goes through his surgery. He has been a very strong boy and I know he will continue to be!

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