Monday, September 14, 2009

Road Trip

So this weekend Jet took us on a road trip to visit Grandmother and Grandfather at the condo. :) It wasn't too long of a drive -but with Jet's recent aversion to his carseat we were a little apprehensive. Once again though Jet proved us too worrisome as he did FABULOUSLY in the car. He slept almost the whole way both there and back and was perfectly precious the whole weekend. We stepped outside for some pictures - as you can see the glare got to Jet as his eyes are closed. :) But he's happy with the pictures anyway and told me I could post them.

Jet sends out a "Happy Grandparents Day" to Grandmother, Grandfather, Nina and Papi...and a special one to his "greats" - Geemomma, Geedaddy, Mema and Papa. Much love!

1 comment:

Carli said...

He definitely has the glare down!!! I am going to break him one of these days though, I'm determined. In the meantime I will enjoy the cuddling!

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