Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fantastic Four!

That's right! Our little Jet-Man is four months old today! We go in Tuesday for his 4 month check-up so we'll let you know the stats on just how BIG our little guy is in few days. Until then lets take a look at just one month ago...
and now...
I think he looks older! :) Something about his face and maybe his hair loss. lol. He's definitely more stable on the bottom step now (our favorite picture taking spot when we're on our own) Of course mommy is holding on to him for dear life. lol. But he's beginning to THINK he can sit up all on his own. It's very funny how he tries to wiggle away from me now. And he's doing all kinds of new tricks! Of course..he's always been good at my favorite trick... looking adorable. :)

Happy 4 month anniversary of the most amazing day of our lives.
We love you Jet. ~ Mommy and Daddy


Kayleigh said...

What a little MMIT!

(male model in training)

Summers Family said...

Happy birthday Jet! What a cutie pie you are.

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