Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bambi Moments

I have been noticing babies push up to stand on their parents laps forever. It always looks like a very funny/awkward balancing act that is a given prelude to pulling up on coffee tables and couches and getting into things babies shouldn't. :) And in all honesty I didn't dream to see my little Jet do this. We always hoped he would walk and are given hope that he will - but it still took me by surprise to feel him push against my lap. It was right after bath time and I was holding him on my shoulder - his feet on my lap- when I felt him push up! I held him out in front of me to see if he would do it again and he did! Over and over! I called to David who came running and tried to video tape it but in his excitement he held the camera sideways. lol. So needless to say that will be one home movie we get nauseous watching. But here we are a few days later and Jet is still attempting his latest act that makes his mommy squeal. :) He is very wobbly of course and no where near standing for real but he is definitely pushing up on our laps and giving a little upward thrust. This is amazing when we think of how it was very possible for Jet not to have any leg movement and now he is doing this!
This is Jet's imitation of Bambi trying to learn to stand up and attempt a few words. I think he's trying to say "bird". :) It looks like his Aunt Kelly is lifting him up and down but Jet is controlling the quick up movements. Go buddy!


Guess Family said...

Ahhh i just got tears in my eyes watching that so I can only imagine how it makes you guys feel after all youve been through! He is such a miracle.

Leigh and Andy said...

Go Buddy is right!!!!! I look forward to the day when our Grey will do the same! :) Keep up the great work Jet!!! :)

Micki said...

Yeah Jet! You'll be running around before your momma knows it and then watch out! Lots of fun!!!!!

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

That is incredible leg strength! He does have a chance of walking...Wow! Ciaran is almost three and can not stand that well.

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