Monday, September 21, 2009


That's what Jet's new favorite companion might say if he could talk. :) But he's not so much verbal as he is cuddley, comfy, cozy. Who am I referring to? Jet's tiger/blanket "Aubie." He loves it! He snuggles him and snacks on him. lol. Aubie is by far Jet's favorite thing to put in his mouth - besides his own fist. So here are some pics of the good buddies.
I think they're the next Calvin and Hobbs. :)

Aubie is good to go! You can take this tiger with you anywhere!
He's the ideal carseat companion.
He will always cuddle with you. As you fall asleep in the car...
...right into your crib for a nap.
Night-Night Aubie and Jet.


Brittany said...

Your posts and Jet's many faces crack me up! You too must have a blast together every day:-)

Johnson A GoGo! said...

I am so glad Jet loves Aubie!! I didn't think about the whole Calvin and Hobbes thing, but it seems just about perfect!

Micki said...

Love the pictures! Those loveys are wonderful things. I would recommend you get at least one or two more and put them away. You'll be glad you did when that one gets lost or covered in poop. Ask me how I know?

Kayleigh said...

What a sweet little feller. So glad he's my nephew :)

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