Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jet Movies :)

Here are some cute videos of Jet in action. :)

I love how smiley he is when he first wakes up from a nap. So sweet.

He is enjoying new things all the time. I'm always pleasantly surprised when he is okay being on his back. He hated it so much at first but is very cool with it more a more each day. He is still a social butterfly though and wants to be with people and these independent really are a matter of minutes. :)

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Summers Family said...

What great videos - he's so sweet and happy! I love seeing how active his legs are. Thanks for reaching out to us last month. I look forward to sharing stories with you guys since our little onces are so close in age and had similar lesions on their backs. We are both truly blessed. I am happy to report that Annabelle's back has finally closed! Jet is just ADORABLE - boys are super special.

Hugs from your new friend in California,

mom to Jack (4), Benjamin (2) and Annabelle (7 weeks)

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