Friday, May 15, 2009


So after a good appointment at the doctor yesterday (the ultrasound went well...he's still stable and a growing boy weighing in about 5lbs12oz) my first graders (and awesome room moms) surprised me with a baby shower at school today. Today was my last day of teaching and the kids were so excited to do this for me (so excited they had a hard time keeping the It was chaos of course but they were so sweet to do this. I will really miss them next year.

We played the "estimation string belly" game where they guess how long of a string will go around my belly. Believe it or not the winner was right on! What luck! 
Way to go Lane! (Funny thing is that he is the room mom's little boy. You'd think they rigged it but there is no way to do that! haha)
Opening adorable baby presents.

This is my favorite pic I think. It is a perfect portrayal of how my days feel everyday! I have 15 children! You try getting them to pose for a picture! haha.
Okay that's better. Lots of fun. Happy Summer everyone!


truly blessed said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! :) What fun!

I just read your Dr.visit update and I'm so thankful that everything is still looking good. Reading what you said about waiting, the song..."Teach me Lord to wait" popped into my head. Waiting is SO hard. The unknown is so daunting. But our Lord is SO faithful. I'm excited for you guys. The real whirlwind is about to begin, you know. Rest up this week if you can. You and baby are in good hands, sweetheart.
I remember being in your shoes several years ago. The nurses were so sweet to take pictures of the girls for me and bring them up to the ICU. I'll never forget seeing their sweet faces. I remember holding my Emma before they transported her to Scottish Rite the first time. It was so hard. I remember making myself get up and walk because I had to go see my girls even if it hurt. It's kind of like the Nike commercial, Joanna, you Just Do It. You will. I know you will. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Before long you'll be holding that sweet baby boy! YEAH!

Love you much.

Micki said...

What a sweet class! I'm sure they had a lot of fun! Hopefully you can bring the baby by the school next year so they can see him. I did that with Ben and my students really enjoyed the visit.

Papi said...

I guess it's just a coincidence but my co-workers played the "estimation string belly" game with me that same day. Love your posts and look forward to you keeping them going after lil' J arrives.

The Dugan's said...

Just wanted to wish you guys luck tomorrow....All your fears will melt away when you see your little guy. You guys will be in our thoughts and prayers tomorrow and in the days to follow. I know how stressful the NICU experience can be, but before you know it you will be home and enjoying your little boy!!

Summer Pendley said...

Joanna~ I'm thinking about you & praying that tomorrow goes super smooth! Can't WAIT to see pics of that precious little boy...take care! :)

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