Thursday, May 28, 2009

Post Surgery Update

Yesterday - sleeping in recovery after his surgery. Look at that giant pacifier! lol.
Baby Jet is two days old today! :) It seems like forever since I saw him in his little bed being wheeled away to his special ambulance, but at the same time time is flying by as I realize I never updated after his surgery yesterday. Updating is a little more difficult when you're recovering from major surgery. In so many ways I'm floating on air - so in love with my little boy and feeling wonderful. But then I move to sit up and I am greeted with soreness and a dizzy feeling that keeps me from staying up for long. Well as my good friends with SB babies can relate... I feel like we still don't know anything! We know he is doing well (vitals are strong, he wiggles around and moves his legs and has good head control already) and sleeping well and eating pretty good so far. 
Here he is yesterday after his surgery.
*** Further on in the post are some pictures of the surgical area on his back. It's not pretty so if your squeamish you may not want to linger on the pictures below.***
The neurosurgeon says the surgery yesterday went well (don' t you love that word "well") and had positive things to say about the location of the SB (l5, s1) - low is good. He did tell us that because of the size of the opening in the skin itself  (around the SB opening) they had to make some larger incisions in order to stretch the surrounding skin to close up the exposed area. This sounded scary to me...not having enough skin to stretch...and painful as I thought of my precious baby, but other than a possible longer recovery the doctor did not seem to think there would be problems. However it did make for a very harsh looking y-shaped trail of staples in our little boy's back.

These pictures are not typical baby photos but David and I found it so helpful to see ANYTHING related to SB and the surgery when we were first diagnosed that I wanted to post it for any mom's and dad's out there expecting a baby with this little "extra" in their lives. :) I've heard from David that the pictures look worse than the reality and that today it's even less swollen and bruised looking. Although I still think he is the most precious thing ever.

David just called me to say that he spoke to another doctor and nurse who had the ultrasound results for Jet's head ultrasound last night and his bladder/kidney test this morning. Everything looks good so far. No further swelling on the brain at this time (praise God) and they will check it again tomorrow. It is very good news that we have avoided fluid on the brain this far. We still know it is a very real possibility that Jet may still in time need a shunt, but every day that he doesn't is a chance he won't have to so we are happy. His bladder is working but not yet emptying fully on his own. They don't know yet whether this is temporary weakness because of the surgery or a more long term issue so they are just waiting and watching. Kidneys tested fine. Breathing/lungs are great. He is sleeping soundly and his back is healing "remarkably well" for the size of the incision the doctor says. No problems so far. Go baby Jet! He is so strong and such a fighter. We will let you know of any news as it comes. Thank you again for your prayers and encouragement. I hope to post a video of him taking his first bottle last night as well as some new pictures from today's visit. 
David is doing a fabulous job taking lots of pictures for Mommy! 
I love seeing my little boy!


Micki said...

So glad everything is going so well! Thanks for sharing all the photos. Could he be any more precious?

The Dugan's said...

I'm so glad the little guy is doing so well! I've been thinking of you guys the past few days. He is adorable! Prayers for a speedy recovery (for mommy, too!) and short hospital stay!!

Leigh and Andy said...

I'm SO happy to hear that Jet is doing so well! I know that the incision looks pretty scary now...but it won't for long!! These little guys heal SO fast!! I am in tears that you can't be with your precious baby, but soon enough you will be by his side and will no longer have to settle for pictures (although the pictures are pretty darn good...what a cutie!!!!!) I'm praying that the next few days will go quickly for you and that you will heal yourself so that you can be with your little one as he works on healing. I will continue to pray for NO SHUNT!!! :) Hang in there Joanna, everyday just gets better and better!!

Sarah Hull said...

It sounds like things are going very well. It's great to hear that there is movement in his legs! Katie had no movement at all for a few days and it really worried us early on. The back was one thing that was a bit too hard for me at first. I would have my husband do the wound changes on it because it just seemed like it took up her whole back and made me so sad. But as she grew, the scar got smaller. To me, it looks like your doctor did a really nice job on it. We too will keep praying for no shunt! You guys have been in my thoughts so much this week.
Continue to take care of yourself too. That first c-section can be pretty brutal. I had a really hard time moving around at first. Perkaset (spelling??? the pain killer) did wonders for me. I was only given that on my last c-section and wished I had it for the first two. They sent me home with a bottle of it and it seriously got me through that first week of soreness.
Anyway, congrats again! You guys are awesome and I am just thrilled for you and your sweet baby!

Summer Pendley said...

Joanna~ I LOVE the updates, and baby Jet sure is a cutie with all of that dark hair! And, those cheeks! I bet you can't wait to squeeze and kiss them!

We are praying that your little miracle will not need a shunt, and that he will cont. NOT to have fluid on his tiny brain...he is a trooper for sure, and so are YOU!

Try to rest...if at all possible. SOOO happy for ya'll!

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

I am so happy to hear that he is doing so well! He is such a tough little guy and too cute for words. Thank you for the updates! I am constantly thinking and praying for him (and you ;) ) I am so glad that you will get to be with him tomorrow. Take it easy and rest up! I will talk to ya soon!

Brittany said...

Thank you so much for updating... I have had you on my mind all week:-) Little Jet continues to be a miracle and I am so happy for you and your family. Rest and relax as much as you can! Please know that you are in my thoughts:-)

truly blessed said...

I was so excited to find an update this morning! Yeah! Joanna, he is just beautiful. I'm so glad he's moving around and everything is going so well. We will definitely keep praying, especially for no extra fluid. Days like these are when you truly understand the need to take things "One day at a time". I hope you are feeling well enough to go and be with Jet soon. I know that will make such a difference for you. But don't over do. You're both healing right now. I think of you guys all day long. Stay stong, sweet girl. Know that we love you and are praying.

Kelley said...

We love you Joanna, David, and Jet! It is so great to follow your posts/ helps with being so far away. He really is beautiful. (I know I keep saying that, but he IS!)
Trust in the Lord!
xoxox The NY Bassetts

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on little baby Jet! He's so handsome and I love the name. We wanted to come see him on Sunday but it didn't work out. Hope we get to see you and him soon. We keep praying for him...

Love, Jen Andrews

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