Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mommy Finds Her Cub

This is what David titled this collection of pictures from yesterday (Friday) - the day I was dismissed and able to go see my baby boy for the first time since he was born. I was so excited and I wasn't disappointed. He's gorgeous (and tinier than his pictures...I expected a big chubby thing...and there is some "chub" there but he is still a little thing.) I fell in love with him all over again...

I was so happy to have the pleasant surprise to be able to hold him. Not quite the way I wanted to...but he is still healing and has to be on his tummy. So of course I'll take anything I can get! I cannot wait to snuggle him closer. He is so sweet and soft and warm. 
Mommy will help you find your paci baby! He loves it. :)
Peek-a-boo! That's all the eye action we get so far. :)


Juli said...

He is sooooooooooo cute!!!! It's all I can do to keep from getting on a plane right now to come see you all! I've actually been making a birthday cake with my baby all day long. Just think 15 years from now you may be doing the same thing. We love you Jet and you are in our constant prayers. Love you so much. AJ

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

I looove the picture of you holding him. He looks so peaceful b/c he is with his mommy! You are such a natural. Love y'all!

truly blessed said...

Yeah!!! I'm so happy for you! Mommy, you look mahhhvelous.

Brittany said...

You look awesome! Jet's cheeks are absolutely adorable!

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