Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bambi Moments

I have been noticing babies push up to stand on their parents laps forever. It always looks like a very funny/awkward balancing act that is a given prelude to pulling up on coffee tables and couches and getting into things babies shouldn't. :) And in all honesty I didn't dream to see my little Jet do this. We always hoped he would walk and are given hope that he will - but it still took me by surprise to feel him push against my lap. It was right after bath time and I was holding him on my shoulder - his feet on my lap- when I felt him push up! I held him out in front of me to see if he would do it again and he did! Over and over! I called to David who came running and tried to video tape it but in his excitement he held the camera sideways. lol. So needless to say that will be one home movie we get nauseous watching. But here we are a few days later and Jet is still attempting his latest act that makes his mommy squeal. :) He is very wobbly of course and no where near standing for real but he is definitely pushing up on our laps and giving a little upward thrust. This is amazing when we think of how it was very possible for Jet not to have any leg movement and now he is doing this!
This is Jet's imitation of Bambi trying to learn to stand up and attempt a few words. I think he's trying to say "bird". :) It looks like his Aunt Kelly is lifting him up and down but Jet is controlling the quick up movements. Go buddy!

Monday, September 21, 2009


That's what Jet's new favorite companion might say if he could talk. :) But he's not so much verbal as he is cuddley, comfy, cozy. Who am I referring to? Jet's tiger/blanket "Aubie." He loves it! He snuggles him and snacks on him. lol. Aubie is by far Jet's favorite thing to put in his mouth - besides his own fist. So here are some pics of the good buddies.
I think they're the next Calvin and Hobbs. :)

Aubie is good to go! You can take this tiger with you anywhere!
He's the ideal carseat companion.
He will always cuddle with you. As you fall asleep in the car...
...right into your crib for a nap.
Night-Night Aubie and Jet.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jet Movies :)

Here are some cute videos of Jet in action. :)

I love how smiley he is when he first wakes up from a nap. So sweet.

He is enjoying new things all the time. I'm always pleasantly surprised when he is okay being on his back. He hated it so much at first but is very cool with it more a more each day. He is still a social butterfly though and wants to be with people and these independent really are a matter of minutes. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Road Trip

So this weekend Jet took us on a road trip to visit Grandmother and Grandfather at the condo. :) It wasn't too long of a drive -but with Jet's recent aversion to his carseat we were a little apprehensive. Once again though Jet proved us too worrisome as he did FABULOUSLY in the car. He slept almost the whole way both there and back and was perfectly precious the whole weekend. We stepped outside for some pictures - as you can see the glare got to Jet as his eyes are closed. :) But he's happy with the pictures anyway and told me I could post them.

Jet sends out a "Happy Grandparents Day" to Grandmother, Grandfather, Nina and Papi...and a special one to his "greats" - Geemomma, Geedaddy, Mema and Papa. Much love!

Everyday Love

You may ask...
So what do baby Jet and his Mommy do all day?
Watch Good Morning America...
Stare at the baby in the brightly colored square...
Perfect the art of glaring...
Practice our whistling for upcoming Friday night football games...
And last but not least...go out for drinks...:)
Mommy needs this time as much as baby does. :) We were both in need of something delicious after a morning of errands. I must admit to prefer my frozen mocha from Panera Bread Company (I'm just saying...if you like chocolate you have to try it!) to Jet's treat...but to each his own. :)

Warning: Bottles may cause drowsiness.
You should not operate heavy machinery after having one.
This is how Jet "chills" while I change his diaper. :) We have perfected the "change me in the car" routine. He loves this blanket! That combined with the outside air makes him very relaxed.
He almost always falls asleep.
Now who could ask for a better day. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

So I'm sitting in my chair just relaxing....

When all of a sudden...
I hear a familiar voice...
I know who that is....
Daddy's home!!!!!
Oh Daddy! Today is a special day!
It's your birthday!
You're HOW old?!
I love you Daddy.
Oh Daddy that prickles!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Interests

Jet's new interests begin with his great-aunt Juli who came for a visit last week. Jet was only 3 weeks old when Aunt Juli was last here so fun time with Aunt Juli was all new to him!
Jet finds a lot of things more interesting these days - including his mommy. lol. I seem to draw more smiles than I did a few weeks ago and I love it! He is so precious when he smiles - as most babies are I have found. But I can't stop trying to get him to grin whenever I get the chance.

Jet is reading now. Yes he is an avid reader and literary scholar. His most resent book of interest is called "Baby plays Pat-Pat" and Jet is engrossed in the detailed plot and complicated characters. lol. Okay okay...but he really does like the bright colors and black and white contrasting patterns like this page below. There is some research behind this series of books... I'm not sure what exactly - bottom line is babies like this book.:)

And of course Jet loves his Baby Einstein musical-light toy. It really helps him hone in on his staring skills.
Mirror-time is a new interest. Jet tolerates that baby sharing his pack-n-play.
Back-time in general is only a recent interest. He used to fuss up a storm when we put him on his back. He was so used to tummy time - his standard in the weeks after his surgery- and now he is allowing some back time more and more. Good boy!
This lion just came out of nowhere. Jet stayed calm - must be those boy-scout genes passed down from his daddy - and in the end they licked each others faces.
Jet's last interest is naked-time. :) Okay - diaper time. He likes laying on mommy and daddy's soft blanked on their bed after a tubby or before one - anytime time that his onesie is off. He just lays there so relaxed. It's too funny.
The end.

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