Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh October...

How you have come with a flurry of falling leaves and busy, breezy days full of activity and never enough hours of sunlight. I don't know how to keep up with your energy but I am uplifted by your enthusiasm. You are Autumn - and I love everything about you.

I love the traditions you bring to our family - and the way they mean something new and exciting every year when seen through the eyes of the little guy.

(apparently Little Pumpkin ("kin-kin") has made it into the club now.)

I love how your fresh air is so inviting, that we have spontaneous outside time throughout the day...
...even in our pj's.

(Jet's current favorite pair of pj's and a preview of costumes to come. :) I can hardly stand it!)

I love your warm and vibrant colors both inside and out.

I love that my little guy spent almost an hour just walking through the pumpkin display at Home Depot in a magical trance, and I love how that action inspired me to buy 8 pumpkins of all sizes to live in and around our house for the season.
(You should know...my husband does not love this about you. But don't worry we're working on that.)

I love the anticipation of the holidays - the festivities and family time. I love that you make me want to plan parties that we have absolutely no time for - but before I can reason with you I've somehow sent the invitations.
Oh well. I guess we'll have a party. ;)

I love tiny hands holding tiny fall treasures.

I love how just a slight drop in temperatures can make me want pack up Boo and head out to a high school football game (even without Daddy!?) and stay the whole time and not get bored. ;)

(Aunt Kelly coaches the JV cheer-leaders at NPHS. And we love us some Aunt Kelly.)

(And apparently we love us some cheerleaders too. lol)

(okay...and he loves his Uncle Nate...)

(seriously... he loves him...)

I love how I can make him wear hats because "it's cold outside" when really I just think he looks ridiculously cute in them. And when he fusses and I insist - I love how you make me feel justified. After all - you are Fall.

I love how he was slightly afraid of the "big, bad wolf"...

But just too curious to leave him alone.

I love how your beautiful weather allows us to get outside and create new and fun-filled memories every season.

And Just in case you didn't know...

(my beautiful SB necklace given to me by my sweet friend Karen that magical summer)

And oh October, how I truly LOVE that about you.

Reading my post from last year I am amazed at how I feel the exact same way about this thing we call Spina Bifida. And I love how we are redefining it. I love how family and friends come together to remind others of what Spina Bifida is, what it looks like, what it means. I love seeing t-shirts and keychains and jewelry and bracelets being sold to raise awareness. I love seeing Walk n' Rolls across the country being held to raise money and support for our children and friends who are on this journey with us. I love reading blog after blog after blog after blog and seeing my sweet friends share the stories and testimonies of the beautiful, radiant, inspiring, incredible faces of Spina Bifida.
I love educating others on something that's so important, so prevalent, so life-changing, and yet so over-looked.
I love showing the world that Spina Bifida isn't a death sentence, but neither is it something insignificant to be ignored.
I love raising awareness, bringing hope, shinning light, sharing lives of those who live with
Spina Bifida.
Because rest assured...we LIVE with it.

(Aunt Kayleigh had to be on defense against an aggressive toddler with a soccer ball. Who, by the way, thought it was all very hilarious.)

And while I don't love the worry, anger, fear, frustration, confusion, and hurt that come from
traveling this journey with Spina Bifida.

I love these people.

And I love that my family, my faith, my friends, my purpose is what it is today - because of Spina Bifida.

I love you October...

...and every little thing you mean to us.

~ Happy Fall ~


Jill said...

I can't believe how much older he looks! I mean, I know I probably say that all the time, but you can tell he's just plowing through his two's now. Oh, sweet boy! He and my Cordelia would be BFF's. She is in.love.with.Jessie. And anything orange. ;)

Kelly said...

I love this post!

Meinhardt Family said...

Oh man, Joanna, great post...as usual. The pictures are amazing and the words are inspiring...as always. I might have to steal this song. I love it! Also, Jet's hair is AWESOME! :)

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