Friday, November 11, 2011

Dear Grandpa

I found a flag outside my door,
I stopped and wondered what it's for -
I picked it up (like 2 year olds do)
And Mommy told me this flag is for you.

She said today's a special day,
To honor soldiers in a special way.
To thank them for everything they've done,
For all the battles fought and won.

For all the freedoms we enjoy.
For protecting all the girls and boys.
For doing what's right and knowing what's true.
For dedicating their lives to the red, white and blue.

So we can live and not feel afraid -

To enjoy the country our soldiers have made.

Our freedoms we take for granted each day -

Without those who fought - would not be this way.

Now I may be small - and not understand,
The amazing history behind this great land.
But as I grow up, I will learn and I'll see,
The amazing gift you have given to me.

So this is for you, Grandpa - and everyone
Whose brave acts of giving were so unselfishly done.

I'm only a child, but I know this is true
When given a gift - you in turn say... "Thank You."

For Grandpa, Papa, Geedaddy and all the brave men and women who bravely served and continue to serve this country. Thank you.

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Colleen said...

:) Lovely. You have many talents!

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