Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall Flashback

Oh dear! It's hard to believe it's already mid-November and there are still a few big October-happenings I've yet to cover! So forgive me as we catch up on a few fun fall flashbacks. :)

Boo vs. The Pumpkin Patch

In October, Boo gets a fair amount of use out of his nickname. We read it in books, hear it in cartoons, see it on decorations - and this year he's finally saying it. There's nothing quite as cute as our little Boo saying "boo!" Brings me smiles every time.

This year (unlike the first year David and I took Boo to the pumpkin patch together and froze our tiny tot's tail off) it was gorgeous weather! As we reminisced, I couldn't believe this was our 3rd visit to the patch - and how much he'd grown from last year (not to mention how crazy his hair looks compared to last year!) Boy - he's getting so big.

The petting looking zoo was a big hit. He loved looking at all the animals and practicing all his animal sounds. :)

Watch your nose there buddy! lol.

We took our time exploring the patch that afternoon. Enjoying the sunshine and the time together. I could tell you even more about it ... but some pictures would do the job just as nicely...

We loved hanging around with our little pumpkin. And he loved...throwing little pumpkins. Who could ask for more? ;)

Boo vs. the Cowboy Hat

This year it was obvious to us what Jet had to be for Halloween.

Ever since we visited Disneyland this summer and introduced Jet to Toy Story - Sheriff Woody and Jet have been partners in crime.

And even though he had quite the battle with his own cowboy hat...

How spoiled is this kid by his aunts and uncles?! "The Man with the Yellow Hat" showed up at his birthday party - and now "Jesse" at his Halloween Party. What love. <3

With our without his hat...

I happen to think he's the cutest little cowboy 'round these parts.

And I'm not the only one...

Boo vs. The Party People

Yep. We had ourselves a little party for the little people.

Jet invited his buddies over for some treats and sweets and boy did we have a great time!

(I don't even know what he is doing. And yes that's a wig.)

Jet catching up on a little holiday reading.
(It was actually prop to a pretty creative costume some of our friends came up with. Cracked me up and scared me at the same time. lol.)

And I'll have to admit the painting was a bigger hit with the "big kids" than the littles.

The face-painting was a first for our little cowboy - not sure he was a huge fan. lol. But I was so proud of him for taking it like a man. ;)

Seriously mom? A pumpkin?

All in all, it was a little bit of crazy...

But a lot a bit of fun. :)

Boo vs. Trick or Treat

We spent more time in the car driving to family's houses then we did walking around the neighborhood. lol. But Jet got the hang of things really quick.

And of course his buddy Woody was there to help him. Cause that's what buddies do.

And in no time - Jet was confident for this mission. The boy doesn't mess around when M&M's are involved. No sir.

In no time at all he was running right up to peoples doors...

and inviting himself right in.

Yep. We might need to work on that some more.

I'll leave you with some final pictures of our October Holiday. :) It was happy-memories in the making and we are already looking forward to next year.

Boo! (just had to do that. you weren't expecting it were you. cause it's november. gotcha!)


krousehouse said...

What amazing photos of what looks to have been a boo-tiful October. Ha ha ha ha. Boo-tiful. Crack myself up. Love that sweet little boy and his incredibly expressive face!

Our family said...

Love all the pictures! Jet is too cute! His hair reminds me so much of Oliver's (our first) when he was Jet's age :) I love it!

Colleen said...

So many cute pictures!

Aurora Flores said...

I love these pictures of Jet. The happiness in all of your faces is absolutely beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Yay for cute cowboys! I know one myself. ;) My, he is getting so big! Love all the pictures!

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