Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Recently, when asked how things are going, I find myself saying the same thing "we're good - just super busy."

I know I'm not the only one who is busy - everyone is busy. We all have appointments to make, jobs to do, groceries to buy, emails to check, people to call, and usually at least one "someone" who depends on us to make sure all these things get taken care of for them as well (kids, pets, elderly parents, husbands, ;) - there's always someone). And therefore, we are all pretty busy. But I'm talking super busy here folks.
Super: great, extreme, or excessive
Super busy is the kind that makes your head hurt and all your neatly organized thoughts suddenly jumble up and fly out of your head because you can't keep it all straight anymore. Super busy takes 3 email accounts, a constant stream of text messaging and regular facebook checks on your smart phone to keep it all straight. The kind of busy that makes caffeine out of the question because you're already so jittery from the adrenaline rushes that are frequently coursing through you to keep you going. The kind of busy that inevitably leads to putting the milk in the pantry, wearing your clothes inside out or locking the keys in the car. The kind of busy that keeps you from BLOGGING?! ;) The kind of busy that starts off as exciting, motivating, productive, even exhilarating as you cross things off your list and give multi-tasking a new meaning - but ends with you staring at your computer while your little one naps thinking "what am I supposed to be doing...I know I'm supposed to be doing something...oh yeah, there are 10 things I'm supposed to be doing! Where do I start?!" So, overwhelmed, you try to just reprogram and take a nap, and just as you lay down your 2 year old wakes up early from his nap. Yep. Right on cue.
But - this is not a cry for help post. Though I know I could get tones of encouragement and "been there done that - hang in there" comments from my amazing friends and family - I'm not writing for that. Because I can honestly say that even though life is super busy - and I can get literally dizzy from working and planning and thinking and doing all that we are doing -
I am happy.
I really am. I admittedly can get overwhelmed and stressed and have my "oh no! how am I going to do all this?" moments where I call David or my mom and talk really fast and make no sense and confuse them so that they can only say "I'm sorry...what would help you?" Those moments aren't overtaking my life. (And I hope my "therapists" don't think otherwise! lol). Because honest-to-goodness - I am well.
I am not sad. I am not angry. I am not anxious.
I am happy.
I am super happy.
I am happy because I know that this won't last forever We've been super busy before. Things will calm down a little, life will slow down a little, and there is nothing going on so crazy, stressful or hectic that I can't keep my perspective.
We are healthy.
That is something I hope I never take for granted. I know too many babies, children, mommies and daddies who daily face health concerns we haven't had to face. My heart goes out to them in the deepest way. And I am so happy and thankful for our blessings of health. I can face all the therapies, surgeries and "extras" in the world if I can see my little boy wake up happy and feeling good in the morning. Every morning that happens is blessing. A beautiful blessing that I am grow more aware of every day. Every night Jet and I pray together - and in our prayers I can't tell you how many times I pray for God to keep him healthy. I thank Him over and over for how blessed we have been - and flat out beg Him to continue to protect my baby. Sometimes I forget I'm praying with my 2 year old until I feel a little hand grab my face like "wrap things up mommy, I'm ready for bed." I try not to worry about his health, his future - but it hurts my heart to think about him being sick, or suffering from one of the many SB hurts I know are possible. We've faced a few. And God will brings us through any future trials. But I never forget to let Him know how grateful we are - and how earnestly we ask Him to continue these good days. The super busy, super good days.
We are home.
Every time I hear of families who are separated for various reasons (hospitalizations, military leave, job-transfers, etc) I think of what a blessing it is to all be home together. I remember when Jet was still in the NICU and we would come home without him each night - it was hard. I have so many friends who have to split up - for weeks, months at a time - between their babies at home and their babies in the hospital. Wanting so bad to be mommy to all their little ones at once - unable to be with one child because you're with another. It has to be so hard. Being separated from family. Being away from home. Waiting to be with the ones you love again. That is real cause for stress. That's the kind of anxiety and fatigue that I know we could be facing - but we're not. Not right now. And that is a blessing for which I am super thankful.
And God reminds me of these blessings in the most wonderful way possible. He shows me that I can handle the super-busy right now - because I have Him. And He is SUPERIOR.
And because He gave me him...

My little super-man.

To keep me going.

To keep me laughing.

To remind me to enjoy the little moments, the simple pleasures of being together.

The incomparable joy and peace that comes from being loved like this.

From being allowed to love like this.

And to cause me stop and think about what really matters. What my purpose is, and am I fulfilling it. To count everyday as the blessing it is and never take for granted the gifts we've been given. To take the bad with the good, and then appreciate the good more deeply. To not allow myself be become too distracted or so busy that I forget the big picture. To never underestimate the beauty of simplicity and rest. I want that. And I know I need only to seek it. And I will.

Because the bottom line is...we are super blessed.

So the next time someone asks me how things are going...

Maybe my response should be "we're good...we're just super."

And leave it at that. :)


Scasmflops said...

Oh I do love you guys!!!
SOoo much!!!
just tonight I was telling Bob how busy we've been and how much I havent been able to blog, and even keep up with all the blogs.... He began rattling off rss feeds info, and how I can put them on the tablet and be in the know using another avenue of technology. :) My head swam.... I am totally the one sitting staring at the comp. or my list of phone calls to make and then just stare...
And girl, at night while I pray and thank the Lord for all the many blessings. And ask Him to keep his hand on Carson. Protect him, and keep showing us how. Cars usually totally falls asleep.
God is so good!!!! So very good!!!We are super blessed!!!!! Give Boo a kiss from me!!!!

Jill said...

Such a fantastic post. Perspective is always such a blessing, isn't it? Happy to hear you're MIA because of GOOD reasons!! :)

JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

<3 you and your tug-on-my-heartstrings posts!

Jennifer Ballard said...

Best wishes to you! What a beautiful family and so glad to see Jet getting off to a great start! I am a woman with spina bifida who has not just survived, but is THRIVING. Happily married, living in beautiful Idaho. Thanks for touching my life today!

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