Monday, August 22, 2011

In my daydreams..

...we're back at the beach.

Breezy, sunny days spent perfectly when you pack a cooler and head for the ocean.

Not that I'm not enjoying being back at home - because home is often just what you need. And after a busy summer - I'm looking forward to some fall days spent right here in our comfy house. But with school starting back again, and the hot humid Georgia haze making playing outside practically impossible - I have fond memories of our summer trip to California. I always do. Since my childhood my affection for this state has always held true - California makes for awesome memories. It's the place we always talk about - and the place we always make plans of returning to. It's the place David and my cousin Jenna plan on buying family compound for both our families to live. ;) (In their daydreams!)
It's just our favorite.

And on the kind of days when PT leaves you feeling frustrated and discouraged, your picky eater refuses his favorite lunch and then skips dinner, and there's 3 loads worth of unfolded laundry on the bed - you're in need of some de-stressing and reminiscing.

Remembering relaxed, playful, family time.

I remember last summer when Jet was not a fan of the sand - but liked being dipped in the water...this year the sand was a blast!

And about the hundredth time I said "Don't throw the sand" I realized I might as well have been the teacher in Charlie Brown.

It made absolutely no impression on him. And as my Aunt Juli pointed out "if we don't let him throw the sand we might as well go home now. It's all he wants to do!" lol. True. And we didn't want to go home yet. So...sigh...protect your eyes people.

As for the water...Jet was like not so much.

In Jet's mind the water was absolutely off-limits - not just for him but for anyone in his family. The very idea of Daddy walking towards the water was horrifying.

"Can nobody see what's happening here?! Daddy is going towards the loud, freezing, never-ending monster!"

So we pretty much were quarantined on the beach.

Well...Daddy managed to sneak off and have some fun.

But it was needless to say it was traumatic.

So for the good of everyone else at the beach with us that day - and to keep my son's heart beat at a normal rate - I stayed "safely" on the sand.

And he got a cookie. Cause that makes everything better.

And in return - he gave me an exfoliating leg scrub and gave new meaning to the word "sandwich".

But honestly ... there are worse ways to spend the afternoon.

And there are worst ways to spend the afternoon...than daydreaming about it.

For those who were as worried as Jet was...
No Daddies were hurt in the making of this blog post.

Daddy made it safely back to shore.

And we all are living happily ever after.


Colleen said...

So cute :)

Jamie said...

Remebering the good times is always the perfect way to end the day :). LOVE the photos!

krousehouse said...

Love it! So fun! Jet is so very cute. Even throwing sand. Although, maybe not if I had been there...

Meinhardt Family said...

Great photos of the beach. I love the one of Jet sitting on daddy's tummy. Ahhhh, warm beach days. Welcome to fall! It's chilly here! How about your way? Great update!

Jill said...

OH!!! I want to go to the beach with Jet! I promise I'll stay in the sand and wear goggles to protect my eyes. ;) What a doll.

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