Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Full of Life

Today was Spina Bifida Kids Worldwide Day of Prayer. A small voice that turned into close to 3,000 prayers lifted up - and those are just the one's we know about. And as I thought about the purpose and power of these prayers - I thought of all the sweet little babies who are born with SB - like sweet little Kai - not even day old yet - and already so strong and full of life.
I got to visit this little angel today. And in his honor I wore the "Believe in Miracles" necklace that I wore every day of pregnancy with Jet (starting from when I found it just a few days after his diagnosis).
My mom, sister, sister-in-law and mother in law wore it too.
So very special.
I love what this necklace symbolizes to me. And as I wore it, and as I prayed, I thought of my own little miracle and the day he was born...and how perfect he was...
And is...

And as I prayed I thought of how much we have to be thankful for - and how God has protected him and us from what could have been - from ending this miracle life before he had a chance to shine.
Were we afraid? Yes. Were we heartbroken? Yes. Did we wish it were all a bad dream? Of course.
But God never allowed us to lose faith. And He brought us through the darkness and gave us HOPE. Beautiful, uplifting hope that allowed us to see past the doubt and fear and death - to pure, amazing light.
And I prayed that light and hope to shine on all the mother's of unborn babies today - babies that have yet to be born and their lives are already being threatened. Threatened by fear. Threatened by ignorance. Threatened by selfishness. Threatened by the perception that if they are not "perfect" they will be happy...they will not be easy...they will not have a fulfilled life...
...they should not be given a chance at life at all.
Oh how God must cry.
How we all have cried.
And as I prayed I asked for patience and compassion. For love and strength. To continue to live my life in a way that shows what a fulfilled life truly is.

And just what happy looks like.

And that nothing worth living for is easy...

And no one is easier to love...

This lullaby is a favorite of mine.
And today it is dedicated to all of our children,
to sweet baby Kai,
...and all the miracle babies to come.

All you Are
Where did you get those eyes so blue-
They're from the sky that you passed through.
And what about that little tear -
Did you find that it was waiting for you here?

And what about your little nose -
He knew you'd need it for the rose.
And as for your soft, curly ear -
He knew that there'd be songs for you to hear.

For all you are and all you'll be,
For everything you mean to me,
Though I don't understand, I know you're from the Father's Hand.

How can it be that you are you?
He thought you up and so you grew.
Because you're mine it must be true -
That He was also thinking of me too.

For all you are and all you'll be
For everything you mean to me.
Though I don't understand, I know you're from the Father's Hand.


Amanda said...

Some days we feel we can't make a difference, that the world is set against us. Today we found that our voices have meaning. Even if it is just one person who decided to overcome their fear, ignorance and selfishness and just trust...

Who looking at that adorable less-than-a-day face of Kai and your joyful (and not so joyful) Jet cannot trust in miracles.

krousehouse said...

Kai is beautiful! I'm so jealous you got to visit him!
Jet, as always, is gorgeous too, and I love his outfit!

Colleen said...

In the words of Kai Lan, you make my heart feel super happy! :)

Beautiful words, and just when I thought there couldn't be anything cuter than that baby cardigan, the picture of the pucker face then the laughing face! Oh my goodness, he is too much.

Oh, how God must cry <--that got me.

Jennifer said...

Great pictures. Are u a photographer. What do u use to edit? I am a beginner, wouldn't even say i am a photographer. I just like to take pictures. My husband bought me a Nikon d3000 last Christmas.

JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

Beautiful words. Gorgeous Jet.
Love you guys!

Summers Family said...



Jessica said...

Thx for helping out with the heading on my blog. I always love to read your blog. You are so strong and inspiring and did I mention stunning. I need to meet you one day. Is Jet standing???

laura said...

I would love to be added to your SB buddy list:) I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the amazing photos you take. Jet is such a handsome little guy:)

Scasmflops said...

beautiful!!! goodness two little cuties in one post.
Kai is precious indeed.and that cardigan....oh my stars!!!!! :) love it!!!!!

God must cry... so we must remember that he loves our babies the most.

love you!!!

Jill said...


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