Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boy in the Big Red Chair

When milestones make your stomach lurch and your heart stop.
Yep - I came around the corner the other day to see Jet here.
Sitting happy-as-you-please in his if he'd been sitting in it every day since he was born.
Of course after the high pitched "Jet!" I managed to squeak out - I walked (not to quickly so as not to scare him. lol. Like he's some bit of wildlife I'm trying to get a closer look at) over to him and made sure he knew how to get down in a way that wouldn't require stitches.
He already knew how.
Okay. So yes we've been practicing getting off the couch or getting down the stairs...but I didn't know for sure he'd been paying attention. Until now.
And I must say he impressed me.
(Until he fell off it into a hands and knees *splat* the next morning at PT...way to show off to your therapist Jet...I guess he wanted to make her feel needed.)
And though he has since proceed to promptly stand up in it as soon as I turn my back... I keep the chair turned around facing the wall unless I'm right there to correct such dangerous behavior.
We have enough hospital visits, thank you...
your majesty.
(because this is what happens when you edit pictures too late at night....and because we could use a little silliness right about now. :) He'll forgive me someday.)


Summers Family said...

pretty impressive Mr. Jet!

The Dugan's said...

Way to go, Jet!!! I could eat him up!!!

Leigh and Andy said...

Nice work Jet!! Way to show off your stuff!! :)

Stefanie said...

so great! hopefully he'll continue to scare you with all the new tricks he'll come up with (all, of course, with no stiches!) prepare to be amazed :)

Amanda said...

Way to show off your stuff King Jet! And keep mommy on her toes (but never too far away from her camera)

JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

WOW Jet!!!!!!!!! You can just see the excitement in his eyes! So proud of you!!! Glad the camera was close, Joanna!

Stephanie said...

This kid is unstoppable! And that chair is royally cute! ;)

Jill said...

LOL!! Another KING! I love it! Awesome climbing little man!!

Vesti said...

I have been reading your blog for quite some time now (since before my Davis was born), and just have to say that I had tears in my eyes "watching" Jet climb into and out of that chair!! Such a blessing...Praise God! And, yes...he'll forgive you for the editing. :)

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