Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Babies

Babies of 2009 - Welcome to 2010!
Okay so these babies may not wear top hats or banners across their chests - but they are a perfect symbol of the New Year for me and my family. Jet Montgomery and his sweet cousin Jane Darcy are the very essence of "new" - everything they do, see, hear and discover is new and wonderful!
Jane has "newly" learned to crawl
(as you see her try to escape in other pictures below)
Jet has a "newly" acquired FIRST TOOTH!
This is all he will let us see of it. But I can feel it in there! Sharp and pokey! lol.

We are so excited! Poor baby hasn't been too happy with this painful process but he's got a few more days to go before it's all the way in. He's a good boy though so we'll be fine. :) Jet and Jane had a lot of fun together this holiday. Jet showed Jane how to really sit back, open your eyes wide, and observe life around you - and Jane showed Jet how to kick like a crazy horse and how to really use your voice to it's full potential. I'm not sure either one will take the other's advice but it was fun to watch. :)
Jane also tried to show Jet that baby food is good....as you can see he still does not agree.
Together they experienced the joys of wrapping paper, the suffering of mommy making you wear hats, and the true meaning of life - chewing on other peoples clothes.

Reflecting on the past year I am so thankful. What an amazing journey it has been. The thing that keeps going through my mind is the understanding "He makes all things new."
This past year, God has brought about many new things.
New little miracles brought to new families.
New surprises (like a darling red-head born to two unsuspecting blondies). :)

New meaning to the phrase "love at first sight".
(I discovered the "little man" of my dreams was short, chubby and handsome.)

New Daddies who never knew what they were missing.
New levels of insanity for mommies buying matching outfits for their babies. lol.

And last but not least - a new appreciation for each other. Being parents is a whole new kind of relationship. It needs a new way of communication, a new level of trust and a new kind of understanding...and though I don't think the learning process will ever be over - and parenting school will never let out- I'm beginning to feel comfortable with the knowledge that after each little graduation is just another level of school waiting for us. We know that we will be life-long learners -
I'm just glad my lab-partner is cute. :)
So Happy New Year Jet and Jane!
We love you SO SO MUCH! It's 2010
- let the fun begin!


Johnson A GoGo! said...

Great post!! You are so right about parenting school! It never ends but it is always the best class you have ever taken. So proud of both you and David. You are great partners in every way. Life is infinitely better when your lab partner is cute!!

Summer Pendley said...

Joanna, I just LOVE your posts! They are so cheery and fun to read! And, I love the man of your dreams....that chubby & short little guy is the cutest ever! :) Glad to see ya'll are doing well and enjoying the new year thus far! BTW~ REALLY love the pic of you and Jet. Very beautiful!

Wee Little Weis said...

I LOVE the pictures of course and have seen them already, but none the less I still love them and the babies in them! It was so wonderful to be able to spend time with you guys and to let the babies teach one another (and us!). Love you so much!

Guess Family said...

love it!!!! happy new year, Penny's!!!!

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

It is so good to see Jet doing well after his shunt surgery. His eyes look SO much better...they are no longer sunseting.

This last post was wonderful....thank you for sharing.

truly blessed said...

i love the shot of jet smiling at jane. :) that saying ...you learn something new every day is so true! just when you think you know it all....wham! you realize you don't know much at all. :)

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