Friday, January 15, 2010

A Journal on Jet

Jet in his high chair. :) He thinks he's so big.

Thank you all for coming. I have an announcement to make.
I, Jet Penny, am officially....
I know! My mommy was as shocked as you are! And to be fair I'm not purely a baby-food baby...I am an even greater fan of big-people fact - it's more like I "dabble" in baby food. lol. But just the same I have several successful encounters with baby foods such as chicken and rice, bananas and oatmeal cereal (a little). I have officially vetoed applesauce, pears, plums, sweet potatoes and any combination of the above (after several attempts by Mommy). I guess you could call me picky - but it's my tummy - I decide what goes in it. I LOVE real food - little bites of chicken, bread, muffins, refried beans, ice cream (yes...Mommy has pretty much let me try whatever I want) and I LOVE it all! Here are some pics of me trying chicken and rice baby food for the first time....a day to celebrate...the first successful food!
You're seriously trying this baby food thing again Mommy?
What was that? That's not so bad!
I did it! I swallowed baby food!

Now I can relax on the couch with Mommy.
I've recently discovered that along with my love for sitting up. I also love my feet.
What I don't love...socks.
Do love...TV. (but only for about 5 seconds. Then it's time for a toy)
Another great treat I've discovered I'll eat - puffed rice called Mum-Mums.
Funny name. Fun to eat.
I use my tooth to bite it. Glad I have that little guy.
Watch me eat my sock. :)
I hope I'm not becoming a couch potato.
See ya next time!

I saved the best for last...Jet new favorite game - pat-a-cake! This video is my favorite. :)


Leigh and Andy said...

OK, HOW can he get cuter and cuter with every picture? Honestly, I can't even take how adorable he is!!! I just LOVE him!!!

p.s. Grey totally agrees...big people food is much better than baby food!

truly blessed said...

i saw the teeth! yay! :) i love his giggle. makes me want to kiss his sweet face. ♥
have you ever tried the baby einstein videos? the trips LOVED them. it was so funny. video on....3 quiet babies. video off....3 crying babies. needless to say, we wore those videos out! :)

Dollface said...

yeah. My baby girl loved those Mum Mums until until a little awhile ago when she iscovered REAL yummy snacks like nutrigrain bars and pringles

Lindsay said...

yay for food! go Jet!!! He's so cute!

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