Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Double Take

The other night after Jet's bath we were standing in the bathroom once again looking in the mirror - when suddenly a familiar picture came to mind...
Remember this?
Only that picture was of my 4 month old baby...
now in the mirror I saw my 7 1/2 month old little boy!
I can't believe how much he's changed!
For one thing that HAIR is insane! Where did all that come from! :) I look back at early pictures and he suddenly looks bald - I think "I don't remember Jet looking that thin up top?" lol. Same hair style though which is great. :)
Daddy - check...me... out!
Only Daddy would pretend to put deodorant on the baby.
Or brush his tooth.
Look at those silly boys. :)
Having some Daddy time before bed.
Jet loves to sit with David at the computer. The other day David asked Jet if he wanted to watch "his movie". I wasn't sure what he was talking about but when I peeked around the corner Jet was watching a disney short-film called For the Birds (click to watch)- the one with all the little birds sitting on the telephone line and then a much bigger bird comes to join them. It's pretty hilarious and Jet is mesmerized by all the twittering birds. His Daddy somehow discovered this and now he LOVES to watch Jet watch the video. It's really cute I must say.
They are so funny together.
This picture is a favorite.
Love that growl on Jet's face.
Love that he still looks tough in pale yellow pj's.
Love that he loves his Daddy.
Love that his Daddy adores him.
Love My Boys.


Kayleigh said...

Jet has a fanclub here at FC.

He makes all the girls swoon when they see his manly ways. Thanks for posting.


The Gilberts said...

I love his hair!! Seamus has a nice cul-da-sac going :) We are hoping it fills in on the top soon!!

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