Saturday, November 28, 2009

Surrounded by Family

Another wonderful part of this holiday (aside from the Jet-Man's 6 month celebration) was being with our families. We were blessed to have David's brother and sister in town along with their "other halves." It was Jet's first time meeting everyone (except Uncle Daniel...but who knows what babies remember. For Jet everybody could be new.) All that said what better way to get to know everyone than to TAKE PICTURES! :) It was a well documented (sometimes color coordinated) weekend. :)

The Penny Family
Uncle Dan'l and Me.

Meeting Auntie Cheri and...wait...he's my Uncle Dan? Daniel and Dan?
You people are out to confuse me for sure. :) But I sure liked his beard!
Oh hi Grandpa!

Then it was off to meet...
The Palmer Family this was not all the same day. We don't change clothes that many times.
Well...maybe Jet does.
Beautiful Boy!
Bundled Up.
Isn't he gorgeous in black! :) Steals my heart!
His daddy looks good in black too. :)
Aunt Kay loves me! Even when I'm about to spit-up on her. lol.
He colors my word!
And this adorable hat was courtesy of Aunt Kay and her trip to Italy last Christmas...yep before I was even born I got PRESENTS!
Papi is good at holding me.
And so is Nina.
One of my favorites. Papi and Jet.

Christmas is COMING to Kennesaw!
Let's hear it for the boys!
and of course...
Girls just wanna have fu-un!
Yes...a pun was intended. lol.
The End.
Happy Holidays to our FAMILY! For you we are so thankful!

Thankful for 6 months!

Yes our little baby celebrated his HALF-BIRTHDAY on Thanksgiving Day. :) Such a big boy! We cannot believe he is already half a year old.
Nina and Aunt Kelly made me my "half birthday" cake. :)
A look at last year's Thanksgiving...we didn't even know it was a boy! And here he is! What cracks me up is how David and I look EXACTLY the same. lol. We are so un-creative.
I'm not sure he liked this. lol.

We had a lot of fun with family and tried to follow the nurse at pre-op's advice and "not worry over the holiday." I still can't stop thinking about monday. Every time I come his hair, or give him a bath, or pull a shirt over his head I think about how we are going to have to watch that pretty little (or rather not-so-little) head carefully for a while as he recovers from his surgery...and then even longer as the shunt is a permanent thing. But I am thankful none the less. Thankful for my angel. Thankful he is healthy. Thankful the doctors have watched him and can help him. Thankful we are not alone and have so much support. Thankful God knows and cares and loves my baby. So here's to being thankful.
God knows we have much to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

I'm not sure who came up with this phrase - but I'm sure they couldn't have been a very happy person. To "expect the unexpected" is to worry all the time about something you cannot control, predict or do anything to prevent. I feel like I certainly WAS this person during my pregnancy - always trying to prepare for the unknown. But I learned to ignore this phrase soon after Jet was born. God took care of us in ways we could not and I have been content to just take one day and a time since. And in that mind-frame I have been exceedingly happy with how everything has turned out. However, today - happy was hard for a little bit.
Today we went in for a routine check-up with our neurosurgeon and 4 hours, 4 waiting rooms and one CT scan later we were told news we had always hoped to avoid - our Jet needs a shunt. The CT scan showed the fluid on his brain is increasing and though in the past we were told it was minimal - today I guess we crossed that line where Jet is no longer better off without the shunt - now it is better to have one. While the doctor says he looks great (no real symptoms of fluid pressure or effects on his brain tissue - praise God.) the fluid is growing and Jet's head is growing and the doc says it is time to drain that fluid. We handled the news well from the neuro, asked the usual questions, thanked him as always. Then he left us and the tears came. For me anyway. :) It is so hard to swallow news like this. I thought I was prepared. I knew it could happen. I thought I EXPECTED it! But I guess I didn't and it totally breaks my heart. Jet was of course happy in the arms of Daddy. And as I am processing this change of events, I realized I cannot truly process and persevere without prayer.
So I am asking for prayers - prayers that we will remain thankful for all God has done for us and thankful for this age and country we live in where Jet can be helped by capable doctors. Prayers for strength and peace this coming Monday 11/30 when Jet is scheduled to have the shunt surgery. Prayers of protection and healing for our little boy (that the surgery will be successful and no infection will set in). And prayers for trust and wisdom as we watch for any problems in the future...but not so watchful that we worry too much.

So we know what to expect -
From the doctors who have outlined the surgery for us.
From our friends who have shared this same experience.
From our family who has always supported and cared for us.
And from our GOD who has never forsaken us.

And knowing this, we are able to face the future (and the unexpected) without fear.
Thank you for your prayers.
Love ~ Joanna, David and Jet

Monday, November 23, 2009


Dear Jet
This holiday has always been
a favorite of mine from the start.
But this year it brings brighter smiles,
and greater joys within my heart.
For while I have so many blessings
my thankfulness for one is new.
This year has been extra special-
This year I thank God for you.
~ Love, Mommy

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Enjoy the week. Count your blessings. Thank God for them. Then repeat. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hi Aunt Kayleigh!

Aunt Kayleigh is coming home for Thanksgiving in a week - but she couldn't wait that long to see me so I'm posting some pictures from the last few weeks. :) I love you Aunt Kay and I can't wait to see you!
Me and Bunny
King of the Jungle still think I'm going to eat this stuff don't you?
What do I have to do to convince you I'm not interested?
Seriously? I'm strictly a bottle boy.
Happy boy!
Not sure what this face is but it's pretty hilarious so I had to post it. lol.
Love to you all!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Photos. :)

A friend of ours is brushing up on his photography and asked us if we would like some family pics! I was thinking "have you SEEN my blog?" lol. YES! We love pictures - especially if they include our little guy. So we went over to Life University for a pretty fall background and some gorgeous weather. Jet was a little sleepy but he let us take his picture for a little while. Jet is wearing the olive hat we ordered from the family raising money to adopt their little girl named Olive.
Here are some of our favorites.
The End.

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