Wednesday, April 14, 2010


There is a cool website I found on a friend's blog that takes all the words from your blog or website and makes a word collage. It's called Wordle and it's neat to see the words that jump out from what we write about. :) The link above will take you to Jet's Wordle or you can see it on the right sidebar - and if you don't have superhero vision you can click on it to make it bigger. :) Hope everyone is well with you all. Jet is cutting 2 more teeth but still managing to smile through the drool. :) He's napping now (which explains how I'm blogging right now) and we are all enjoying the warm spring weather! We're doing some much needed spring cleaning-out and organizing....since last spring it was all I could do to put shoes on much less clean up something! So Happy Sunny Saturday to you all!
Jet says "be cool".

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Locks of Love

Well, nobody really donated their hair to Locks of Love this week...but we did take Jet to get his First Haircut
And boy did I love those littlelocks. Those little whispies were so precious - his baby curls - and we heard more than one gasp when we told people we cut his hair. I don't blame the gaspers - his baby hair was adorable - but poor little Jet was pulling and grabbing at those tickley little trendils and with the weather heating up that long hair was making for one toasty baby. So his Daddy and I made the decision last Friday during Spring Break to take him for his first trim. We drove about 1 minute to the Kennesaw Barber Shop where David has gone since high school and what an exciting entrance - bringing a baby in for the first haircut - we were center stage. :)
Here's Daddy and his boy - Jet's not being shy - he just forgot his shades.
Those sensitive baby blues.
Passing the time reading about manly things like motorcycles.
Deciding on a hat in case things didn't go so well. lol.
There's no going back now! (Look how he's trying to escape. lol.)
Until Daddy brought out the magical cell phone.
And soon everyone was helping to keep baby entertained. :)
And when Jet was just about to loose it....the hair dresser brought out the BIG GUNS.
It's lollipop time.
And drooling over a lolly was enough to get through the last few snips....then TaDaa!!!
Check out this handsome boy. :)
Thank you Miss Deborah! We'll be back!
Jet left with an envelope of baby curls and this official certificate. :) Then Mommy tried not to cry the rest of the day when she looked at her grown-up looking little boy.
I can't believe he's almost 11 months!
And of course....Jet wanted to have a photo shoot to show off his new do!
Handsome. Handsome. Handsome. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Follow Up

Here are the pics of Jet's egg hunting...or hurling...whichever. He's still young so we didn't hide them too tricky....and his Aunt Lisa filled a few with animal crackers, so when Jet hurled them off his high chair they broke open to reveal lovely little snacks! Yum! It was a very fun Easter. Can't wait till next year!

Here's Jet limbering up for the egg hunt.
That's it? I found them all!?
This big pink one is a little overwhelming. lol.
Yay buddy!
Jet got "The Runaway Bunny" and "Pat the Bunny" books for Easter.
He was so cute actually pulling them out of the bag!
They learn young don't they. :)

Hey Daddy! What are you doing with my big, pink egg?! I found that fair and square!
And a few more pics of the family. :)
Spring Sweetness.

Daddy's Boy

This is a post I found in my drafts that I guess I never posted!? Go figure. It's pre-haircut and Jet has on a hoodie so it must have been from back in March. But it was all ready to I couldn't just ignore it could I?! :)
We took these this weekend when spring first started to peek it's head around the corner and a blanket outside was the perfect end to a Saturday. Jet's hair looks so dark in these pics that it was definitely a Daddy look-a-like day. You can't even tell his eyes are still blue - it's all about the lighting - and as the sun was setting...these look-a-likes were having some boy bonding. :)
Making each other laugh.
(notice the missing glad it's warming up so the socks can just COME OFF!) this's good.
Getting good at entertaining myself. :)
What's that I see?
Puppy! baby.
Jet has started to be shy around people...but he's yet to meet an animal he didn't like.
Or at least one he didn't want to pull on or eat. lol. Silly baby. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Babies, Bunnies and Baskets...

These are the 3 "B"s I got to focus on this weekend and I must admit I had more fun with them than the 3 "B"s from a few posts ago. :)

This first little baby bunny is the sweet little girl of our friends Matt and Laura.
I went to see Laura and baby Madeleine and this little angel was so sweet as to oblige me in some picture taking. I thought this bunny hat was precious and the perfect photo prop.
She was perfect! And it gave me a chance to combine 2 of my favorite things
- babies...
...and taking pictures of them. :)
And of course my own little bunny!
and his Easter Basket!
Jet had a great time celebrating his first Easter holiday complete with a sunshine-filled
Sunday and more than 1 basket of goodies.
My heart is full with how much my little boy is loved by so many. Of course he has an extensive family at his beck and call (waiting for a smile or even a shy dive into Mommy's shoulder) but he also has such a loving church family that have been there every step of the way. To have such support and love for your child since before his birth is an amazing feeling for a mother. God has truly blessed us - not only with this precious little boy, but with an amazing support system who help us count our blessings and stay so positive.
For all of you - we are so thankful.
Don't you just love those bright colors on him?
You can't tell in the pictures but his eyes were so blue. :)
"I thought you said there were eggs?
Where's the candy!?
What if I look really cute...then will you give me some...
Don't worry - Jet got his eggs - but those pics are on another camera. :( I'll have to post those later. Until then - I hope you all had a great weekend! And happy Spring Break to all of you who are lucky enough to have one! :)
Jet and I are 2 very lucky one's to have Daddy home for Spring Break. Yay for teaching!
Nice family pictures right? Color coordinated, handsome bow tie on David, Jet's all dressed up, Mommy's smiling and not grimacing at how heavy her son is...and then there's that last picture...what is my hand doing??? I mean, it looks like I'm throwing a gang symbol or peace's as much a mystery to me as you. I have NO idea what I was doing. No recollection at all. But it cracks me up! So enjoy the laugh as my family did when we saw that picture.
Happy, Happy, Happy Easter!

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