Sunday, May 8, 2011


I may not be the fastest runner, the craftiest artist, the most talented singer.
I was not awarded "most intellectual" or "wittiest" in my high school senior superlatives.
I never won a blue ribbon in the science fair, or a trophy in the spelling bee.
But I am gifted.
Gifted with a precious blessing I never imagined would be so perfect.
Gifted with the joy that comes from holding his tiny hands
and feeling his soft curls every time I kiss his sweet face.
Gifted with the deep appreciation for my dear friend Perspective - I couldn't make it through this journey without her. She keeps me grounded...and at the same time sets me free.
It's a beautiful relationship.
Gifted with a never-fail-to-make-me-smile miracle little boy
who never ceases to amaze, inspire, enlighten, and encourage.
Gifted with the unique, amazing love a mother feels for her child...
and a special day to celebrate it.
Gifted with a husband who upon his wife's urging will take 100 pictures
...trying to get the perfect one...
...or even better - a few to make us laugh.
Gifted with a family who will look at his sweet face and feel the same swell of pride, joy, gratitude and awe that I, so thankful he is ours. I can't believe he is ours.
And above all... gifted with the knowledge that all these gifts are given to us by the ultimate Giver...He is over it everything we do...and responsible for everything I love.
My God has given me so much. And we celebrate Motherhood...I lift my smiling heart to Him with the deepest, most sincere "thank you" I have ever felt.
And I know He hears it.
I may not be the fastest runner...but I certainly get a lot of practice.
I may not be the craftiest artist...but I am surrounded by beauty.
I may not be the most talented singer...but my life song sings of God's goodness.
I may not be a lot of things....
(the gift from my sweet boy...a pretty ring he picked out himself...and an oh-so-sweet tradition)

But one thing is certain...

I am gifted.


Kelly said...

Wonderful post! Love the pictures :)

krousehouse said...

Very beautiful post, and I love your dress!

Jill said...

BEA!! U!! TI!! FUL!!!!

Oh, Joanna, so so so precious!

Kayleigh said...

His little Jason Mraz hat is just too cute! New desktop photo is mine. Rockin' post sister. Happy mother's day.

Leigh and Andy said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of the BEST mama's I know!!! Beautiful post...just like you! Love you all!

ainemc said...

Love it :) Amazing pictures as always :)

Our family said...

Wow, you are good! I loved it! You two couldn't be any cuter.

Summers Family said...

Beautiful post! Love the ring & the dress and that cutie pie boy of yours.

Can't wait to see you next month!


Scasmflops said...

You just always put a big huge smile on my face. :) SERIOUSly its that cheesy grin that peeks out with a laugh and just lifts the spirit. Thank you again girl!!! It's late but with love I say Happy Mother's day to you!!

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