Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

This weekend was a blur of activity. Easter baskets filled with colored grass and chocolate bunnies - toys and treats for the little guy. This basket from Nina and Papi needed to be opened right away in the hallway.
The contents of which were examined very thoroughly and carefully.
The favorite item...a musical card that sang "Here comes Peter Cottontail."
Yep. There is nothing, nothing, more hilarious than a card that sings.
Am I right?
And of course there is nothing more delicious than M&M's.
His favorite treat.
The pure, honest delight of "M&M face".
Second only to the musical card...was the wind up bunny that "pooped" jellybeans.
(*Sigh*) I have a 100% boy all right.
He picked up the bunny "poop" and popped it in his mouth without a second thought.
"Jelly-bean face"...not quite as blissful as "M&M face".
But that bunny was still something to behold.
He was still chewing that jellybean (about 10 minutes later. lol.) when we went to the kitchen to add some color to some rather plain eggs.
We brought out our "one-of-kind mug/bowl collection" uniquely perfect for such occasions and %100 replaceable. ;)
And Jet was just the baby for the job.
That is until he threw the eggs across the kitchen.
And then Jet was fired from eye-dying.
But he still got to play with some of the tiny stickers that came with the kit.
Until he started to eat those. And then he was done with stickers.
But he still got to play with some pretty dye.
And the eggs turned out just perfect. Cracks and all.
And speaking of perfection...
Have you every seen anything so perfectly adorable then this little guy in a tie?
Nope. Me neither. And I couldn't have been more excited about it. It was like a mini-Christmas for me - waiting for him to wear that tiny pastel tie.
I could hardly sleep.
And it was worth the wait.
On such pictures are a given.
And you take as many as you can get because you never know when you're going to all be dressed up and ready to go again.
And when you can't quite get a smile. Attacking your little one always helps.
That and smiling as big as you yourself possibly can in the hopes that some of your enthusiasm will reflect off your more reserved little picture partner.
But sometimes...capturing a more natural moment is just as sweet.
And certainly as memorable.
The posing is often best left to the more experienced subjects.
And they are without a doubt easier to photograph.
Until you throw that little "wild-card" in there again. Then you just have to wing it. And who may just get one of your new favorite pictures. ;)
No matter the chaos, cracked eggs or crazy kiddo - we still finished the weekend thankful, happy, and blessed. In fact, as far as happiness goes - my basket runneth over.


Jamie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! I love the m& m face. Madi has a similar one but hers includes LOTS of chocolate drool.

krousehouse said...

He's precious and I love the bunny that poops kelly beans! It's such a boy Easter toy - I must get one for Charlie next year when he can appreciate it. The little man tie is awesome!

KeicherMom said...

LOVE the tie and seersucker pants - sooo adorable! I can't believe how big Jet looks...not a baby any more, definitely a toddler (where does the time go?)

Leigh and Andy said...

I can't even handle how adorable he is!! And that tie?? oh. my. goodness. killed me!! I want to go get one for Grey and make him wear it everyday. :)
love from the gibbs!!

Summer Pendley said...

I love this post SO much Joanna!!!!!! I am laughing at your comment about not sleeping b/c you were so excited to see Jet is that pastel! Sounds just like me! He is a perfect, smily curly-head...and, we know lots about curly-heads over here:) Happy Easter!

ainemc said...

All your posts just make me grin from ear to ear! Jet is just so adorable! I love the tie, he is such a stylish little man :) Looks like you had a lovely Easter!

Sandy said...

So Cute! Jet got fired from dying eggs! I love your posts!

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