Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life Things

I had this dream that I had a blog. And I would write about our daily life and post pictures to tell a story. I would share the fun and the fearsome, the scary and the silly - all parts of what make our life...well...our life. I had friends who would read it and post comments - and I would smile and read their blogs too! And we understood each other. Our lives were connected. And every once in a while someone new would find it - and write how they could relate to our life - or were encouraged by my blog - and my heart would swell - for this blog is my life song. The words of my heart poured out for anyone to see - the prayers of my soul lifted up to my Father who gives me life. This life.
This complexly beautiful life.
And in my dream - there was nothing I wanted more than to keep reaching out - keep giving hope - keep making connections - keep sharing life.
And then I woke up.
And I realized it wasn't a dream after all.
I DO have a blog!

The question is do I still have any followers?! ;) lol.
I don't know if you feel the way I do - but I feel as if life has hidden my blog from me for a few weeks. I was one of those "every other day" bloggers once upon a time. Then a "few times a week" girl. Then maybe "once a week". And now...I don't even know. It may not have been as long as it feels. But on my list of priorities - the blog kept slipping down. Not that I didn't want to write - but I had other "things" to do. Two of those "things" are displayed on the right-hand side of this blog. One is Shea - I've continued my efforts to raise money for Shea through photography and even though our chipin button says "this event has ended" - Saving Shea is in no way over yet. :) Under the chipin button you will see a link to Shea's family blog - their chipin is still active so please visit their site to make your donations to Shea's adoption grant! They still need our help. They are getting so close! I received news from Liz that the hope to travel by late May and that would be fantastic! So please keep them and sweet Shea in your thoughts and prayers. He is almost home. What a beautiful day that will be.

The other is closely connected. With the success of Sessions for Shea and my growing love for photography - taking pictures has now become an even bigger part of my life.
I am starting my own photography business. :)

Eek! It is very exciting and slightly/very overwhelming at times. But I love photography. I love how it captures life.

I love how light and color and nature all come together to make something beautiful that I can look at over and over.

I love how I can freeze a moment in time and study it.

I love how I can see more through my lens than I ever have with just my eyes.

I love how the simple things can suddenly seem like art. The art of life.

I love how details can be brought to full attention and how all the little things around us are made suddenly clearer when finally focused upon.

To me, photography is more than a hobby or a business, it's how I cherish, reflect on, and remember each day. It makes me stop. It helps me see. It gives me perspective. It brings me joy.

And I hope I can use it in a way that will bless others the way it blesses me.

And to everyone still bless me too.

Stay tuned friends...we have a lot of catching up to do.


Jamie said...

That sounds like an awesome venture. Your photos are amazing, you will do great!!

Stefanie said...

still here, still love reading! and I'm glad I'm your friend on facebook so I knew you had "things" going on and you weren't neglecting your blog :)

krousehouse said...

Love it! I always think you take the most beautiful photographs, and I wish we lived near you so you could take photos of Charlie! Congrats on the new venture. And the precious, sweet, gorgeous boy.

Amanda said...

Glad to see you back!
Can't wait to catch up on the amazing things Jet is doing! I'm so glad you started your own business - you have such an amazing talent!
And Shea - May or June! That just gives me absolute goosebumps!!!!

So glad it all hasn't been a dream!

Kayleigh said...


Kelly said...

Very good post! Your photography makes me happy, I can't wait to see what the future brings as you continue to get better and better at it! Love you!

Colleen said...

Congrats on your business! And sometimes I am better about posting on my blog than other times, but it has definitely declined since I went back to work. It's okay, we get busy!

Gretchen said...

You have the most stunning ways to look at simple life and make it gergeous art... you will do wonderful and it will be fun to keep following (no matter how spuratic your posts are!) and see how it all unfolds to bless your family :)

The Dugan's said...

Welcome back, stranger :) I've so missed your updates, but realize that sometimes, life gets in the way! Congrats on your new adventure, may you be blessed as you have blessed other!

Jill said...

What? Who are you? What is this blog and why was it on my blog list again?? ;)

I sometimes feel like I'm too busy living to blog about it all so I can remember how awesome our life is in the future. It's a good thing! I'm glad you're finding your way back. Your photography is amazing! So happy to hear that you're able to do more with it!!

Scasmflops said...

;);) Wink, wink at you my friend!

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