Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Interests

Jet's new interests begin with his great-aunt Juli who came for a visit last week. Jet was only 3 weeks old when Aunt Juli was last here so fun time with Aunt Juli was all new to him!
Jet finds a lot of things more interesting these days - including his mommy. lol. I seem to draw more smiles than I did a few weeks ago and I love it! He is so precious when he smiles - as most babies are I have found. But I can't stop trying to get him to grin whenever I get the chance.

Jet is reading now. Yes he is an avid reader and literary scholar. His most resent book of interest is called "Baby plays Pat-Pat" and Jet is engrossed in the detailed plot and complicated characters. lol. Okay okay...but he really does like the bright colors and black and white contrasting patterns like this page below. There is some research behind this series of books... I'm not sure what exactly - bottom line is babies like this book.:)

And of course Jet loves his Baby Einstein musical-light toy. It really helps him hone in on his staring skills.
Mirror-time is a new interest. Jet tolerates that baby sharing his pack-n-play.
Back-time in general is only a recent interest. He used to fuss up a storm when we put him on his back. He was so used to tummy time - his standard in the weeks after his surgery- and now he is allowing some back time more and more. Good boy!
This lion just came out of nowhere. Jet stayed calm - must be those boy-scout genes passed down from his daddy - and in the end they licked each others faces.
Jet's last interest is naked-time. :) Okay - diaper time. He likes laying on mommy and daddy's soft blanked on their bed after a tubby or before one - anytime time that his onesie is off. He just lays there so relaxed. It's too funny.
The end.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Rainin' and Rockin'

It's a rainy day and I thought I'd post some pics of Jet. lol. Here is when I caught him looking pensive in his room the other day. This is a very comfy rocking chair so I understood why he was in it. :) He saw me with the camera and decided to work his magic. I'm not into baby beauty pageants at all, but if I was, Jet seems like the type who would go along with it no complaints. lol. (And no I did not position him with his arm behind his head in those pictures- he just loves that pose! It's so funny.)

Have a blessed day everybody!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Penny is a Quarter!

A quarter of a year that is! Our little boy turned 3 months old today. :) He's getting chubbier and noisier and droolier by the day now. His favorite tricks are blowing bubbles and smiling bigger than ever. :) We are wrapped around his little finger. Today we were at the hospital for a bladder ultrasound, urodynamics test and head ultrasound (sounds scary to most parents but in spina bifida land this was nothing to crazy - Jet is a pro.) Everything is going really good considering Jet's diagnosis so we are thankful once again. But the nurse made me laugh when I blurted out how cute my little guy is (yes- I say it 50 times a day to anyone who will listen. It's terrible!) "is he your first?" she asked. lol. How could she tell?! Happy 1/4 birthday little man! :) Sorry we didn't have any cake - but maybe a birthday bottle? lol.
A few of my favorite things at 3 months...



and Staring

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Sunshine

Beautiful Day + Beautiful Boy =
Beautiful Opportunity :)

People have asked me if I just kiss on him all day - the answers is totally yes! Who wouldn't?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Around Town

Jet is getting more and more alert and expressive every day. :) He is such a big boy and enjoys going on errands with mommy while daddy is at school. This past Tuesday was Aunt Kay's last day of summer before heading back to school in florida, so we spent the day with her and the family. Jet really likes us to document things like this so here are some pictures from the day. :)
Mommy and Me

Wow Uncle Nate! I can see everything from up here!
Mommy and Jet don't like the sun in our eyes. lol. I guess we're both babies.
Cuddle time with Aunt Kay
We went out to dinner that night and met up with the rest of the fam. :)

Aunt Kelly stole me away. :) She and I get along really well.

The doting females surround him 24/7. lol

Jet was sneaky in this picture! He loves being the center of attention. ;)

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