Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Remembering Ruby

Sweet Miss Ruby Jane went home to heaven the night after I wrote that post requesting prayers.

Her family describes a peace in knowing her fight on earth is over - but sorrow in losing such sweetness so soon. The impact she has had in her short life is phenomenal. With fundraisers and auctions going on to help the family pay the medical bills - and people all over facebook posting Ruby's photo as their profile pic and wearing pink and yellow to celebrate Ruby's beautiful life.
This little girl touched hearts.

Jet blowing kisses to Ruby in heaven.

While Ruby is now perfect and protected with our Father - her family is left here hurting, healing, and waiting to be with her again. Please continue to pray for this amazing family of faith.

Her mother, Ani, wrote the following on their family blog:

my arms are so empty. so, so empty. 7 months i held that baby in my arms, and now they are empty. it is such an awful feeling. no words can describe the pain my heart feels. a few days before her passing, i was trying to think of words to describe how my heart felt watching her suffer, and the only thing i could think of was my heart being dragged over hot coals. hot coals sound pretty good right about now. there is just no way to write out the anguish i feel. not only does my heart just ache and hurt beyond expression, but my whole body.
all day long i am in a constant battle with myself. one moment being overcome with grief and sorrow, and the next feeling complete comfort in the
Plan of Salvation. i have to keep reminding myself of what i know to be true. it is what i cling to. oh, i am so thankful for eternal families.
the spirit was so close the day she passed on. i knew it was coming. i tried to convince myself otherwise, but it was whispered to me so clearly.
nothing really fell into place with her health. it was one road block after another. she was not meant to make it through her struggle. when the "what if's" and the "if only's" creep into my mind all day and night, i have to remember the prompting from the spirit. my father in heaven knew that i needed that. i fought so long and so hard for my baby, and i needed to hear that last day that He needed her Home with Him.
my arms will continue to long and ache for my daughter, but at least i know that she is in the loving arms of our Father in Heaven.

Please continue keep this family in your prayers.


ainemc said...

I have been thinking of them often. I can't imagine the pain they're going through. It's even more tragic that their last post before she passed was about the possibility of a donor being found. If only things could have been different. It's touching how many people care, she sure did touch my heart.

Jill said...

My heart just aches for them. No parent should have to feel that pain. It's just so wrong. She sounds like she's dealing with it incredibly well. Praying for them.

Our family said...

You have such a kind soul and write beautifully.

We've been praying daily for gorgeous Ruby and her beautiful family. It's hard to even imagine what they are going through. We're thankful they have such strong faith. Sending prayers, love and blessing their way.

Meinhardt Family said...

I've still got them in my prayers and thoughts. She spoke so eloquently in her message on her blog. She's a strong woman with a strong support system. i admire her and wish all her pain could be taken away. Life plays out in mysterious ways, but there is a purpose and a plan.

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