Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Love

"Love Language"
If only all lover's quarrels were this simple. ;)
And yes - there was really a cupcake - it was Miss Maddie's birthday party - and yes Jet did try to eat hers after already DEVOURING his! More to come from this day... lol.

It's late on Love Day - and my stamina for staying up late on the computer is dwindling. There is so much to catch up on over the past weeks - but that will have to wait. I just couldn't let today go unrecognized. Not only have I been with my Valentine for 11 years today (no we didn't get married 11 years ago...we were only 15 years old then! Give us some credit!) but we spent our first of many Valentine's days together as an official couple - yep - he "asked me out" on Valentine's Day (cue collective "awww"). Romantic at 15 years old. (And did I ever tell you he proposed on the Eiffel Tower in Paris?! Now that's a good story.) But yes - together since we were 15 years old...starting Valentine's Day. I wish I had a picture handy. lol. Not really.
Who likes their 15 year old pictures? Yikes.
But here's one pretty close.
Okay crack up we were TOTALLY in college there! But we look 15!
And I promise we did begin dating at 15. ;) We just didn't age very quickly. Which is good I guess. But anyway. I digress. I really wanted to send a quick "love note" to all the loves in my life. I am so blessed to have my beautiful family, amazing extended family, and phenomenal friends who have supported and joined me in our mission to Give Love this Valentine's Day. Thank you to my sweet husband for remembering what I really wanted for Valentine's day. :)
Thank you to those of you out there who made it your Valentine's wish as well. It means more to me, and to Shea's family, than any amount of candy hearts, charming messages or blooming flowers. As a sweet friend stated - we are "so thankful that Love is not confined to one day."
Please keep sharing the love.
Today and any day you can.
Happy Valentine's Day!
From our family to yours.


Jamie said...

Very cute story :). We started dating at 16, the summer before our senior year. We dated 4 years, were engaged for 1 more, year, and have been married for 7 1/2 years, so we have been together 12 years so far! Plus we were in the same first grade class and played a clarinett duet together (such dorks we are)!

Cassie said...

So you and David and have ALWAYS been adorable. :) I would love to see some "15 year old" pictures...I bet you look exactly the same....adorable.

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