Friday, February 18, 2011

A Foreshadowing...

A few weeks ago we went to a birthday party for a sweet little girl named Maddie
(Jet's #1 Georgia girlfriend).
She was turning 2 and I immediately saw the foreshadowing of my little guy's 2 year old birthday to come (in just 3 months! Somebody get me a paper bag.).
It was an adorable party at a really fun place called Gymboree Play and Music. Jet did so well playing and exploring the room full of toys and other kids. His favorite thing in the world drew his attention immediately...
...and pretty much held his attention the entire party. But there was so much to do!

(Jet's got his "who in the world is THIS lady?" look on his face.)
(notice by the last picture - Jet has thrown the maracas.
No other kids did that. Just mine. Great.)
His own personal baby to crawl around with!
(Jet doesn't understand why no one his age likes to crawl anymore? It's so much fun!)
I could see it on his face he was having fun.
You can't see it? Oh that's cause he doesn't smile for pictures.
But apparently he comes by it honestly.
Yeah - don't we look like Mr. and Mrs. Sunshine? lol.
I promise we were ALL having fun!
I even caught a glimpse of the bunny face.
I got such joy out of watching Jet walk around the party. He was so cautious amid all the other galloping children - but I could feel myself beaming at his little steps of independence as he would join the group.
There were games - this one game was a kind of "musical chairs" where the kids marched around in circles and when the music stop you had to freeze! And not only freeze - but the object was to be inside a hoola hoop when the music stopped. Jet is nobody's fool. He wasn't taking any chances. He found his hoola hoop and camped out.
He was somewhat of a loner - but it was a rather intimidating set up - a room full of GIRLS!
But I did catch them chatting about the cute little boy who was kinda shy. :)
But of course, the beautiful birthday girl still holds the key to Jet's heart.
He just doesn't know it yet. ;)

Then it was time for cupcakes.
As I watched Jet coveting the cupcakes...the phrase "hungry like the wolf" came to mind.
And he mercilessly devoured them.
(Thank you Miss Kristin for risking your hand to quickly remove the plastic decoration...I have no doubt he would have eaten it and not thought twice about it. He was clearly ravenous.)
The way this boy likes sweets is ridiculous. But again. He comes by it honestly.
He literally never put the cupcake down. He would let it hover over his plate - then raise it again to his mouth. It was his golden treasure.
I love how daintily Maddie ate the crumbs off her cupcake paper BEFORE indulging in the cupcake itself. Too cute!
And the look she gave Jet as he stuffed his cupake (paper and all) in his mouth...priceless.
In fact, Jet's eating habits posed a distraction for both of the little girls on either side of him. lol.
Soon Jet was finished and looked down concerned at the icing on his hands
(never mind the enormous bright yellow goatee he had managed to produce around his mouth! lol.)
He managed to solve the "dirty hands" issue just fine.
And that was that.
We tried to end the day with a quick picture of Jet and the birthday girl...
Not sure what this exchange of looks says...but the two of them together... perhaps it's another foreshadowing? All I'm sayin is - on the off chance they get married one day - this will go on the front of their wedding announcement. :)
Happy Birthday Maddie!
Thank you for a wonderful day!


JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

LOVE every single picture. I was smiling and laughing and Paisley said "Hey, what's so funny over there?!" So she had to come check out the cute new Jet pictures too. Oh yes, she knows who he is too! Your commentating the whole event was hilarious! Seriously girl, you are talented!

Summers Family said...

What fun! My boys always loved Gymboree parties. We never had one ourselves but they went to a ton of them. So glad Jet got to experience the fun.

Colleen said...

Ah, I just laughed and awwwed through the whole thing! So cute, so funny! Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

The Dugan's said...

Absolutely love it!!

Jill said...

LOL!!! Hilarious!! The little girls talking about Jet! The yellow goatee! HAHAHAHAHA!! Love it!

Sarah Hull said...

Seriously, those bubbled comments about did me in! To funny!!!
And don't get me started about Jet WALKING around with the other kids... just melt my heart all over the place! Sure love that boy!!
What a fun party!

Scasmflops said...

:0 LOVE!!!! Cant wait till I get to steal a kiss from him.

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