Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Fall" Festival

A couple of weeks ago, Jet put on his shades...
...grabbed 2 of his favorite aunties...
... and headed to the little "Fall Festival" in the front of our community.

I use the term "fall" reluctantly because it was probably 90 degrees outside in the blazing sun. Not exactly the "fall" weather we wanted...but we decided to check it out anyway. We're all about small town festivals. :)
We stopped at the booth set up by a local Pre-K and mommy tried not to think about the germs as Jet handled the toys.
It's a good Pre-K so I'm sure they're sanitary...and in all honesty Jet was the only one playing with them...he was actually the only little guy close to that age group was a sparsely attended festival. lol.
Look Aunt Kelly...I know you want me to smile and all...
but this heat is making me very sleepy...
There wasn't much to distract Jet from the hot we moved on...
To the good stuff...
The sweet, creamy, cool-you-off, good stuff...
Here Jet - give the nice man his money...
Oops...Aunt Kelly forgot how much Jet likes to drop things from high places...
Jet's face clearly says "this is the life..."
...having ice cream fed to you by two pretty ladies while relaxing on a shady front porch...
What a messy face....
What a silly boy...
This ice cream is good enough to earn the "mmmm" fist!
Aunt Kayleigh...that was aweseome.
Now how about a little something to wash it down with?
Okay ladies...
...what exactly is this giant blue thing and why are we on it?
I'm not too sure what just happened...but okay.
Man...I gotta get my "land legs" back after that.
You girls are alot of fun...but I'm exhausted...can we go home now?
And we did.
And he napped.
And it was good.
Thanks Aunt Kelly and Aunt Kayleigh...your boo loves you so much.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Super Sweet 16 Month Old!

Sixteen months and growing stronger
Naps are shorter (days are longer) ;)
Taking over an hour to eat,
Still a fan of all things sweet!
Loves to push his cars and trucks.
Can point to show us "cows" and "ducks."
Throws everything to hear the sound -
It makes when it comes crashing down.
Crawling, clapping, cruising, climbing
(How long can Mommy keep up this rhyming?)
Some of my favorite things to date:
How about when you sleep in late? :)
Holding my hands and wobbly walking,
How hard you try when you practice "talking."
Or how about in church this morning
When you let a squeal out without warning.
And why is it when we're singing - you're still?
A "perfect angel" (if you will)
But when we pray and things are quiet -
That's when you choose to start a riot!
Oh little boy you are such a mix
Of sweetness and love - and temper and tricks.
We love all you are and have yet to become -
Our super-sweet, silly 16 month old son. :)
(thank you to my sweet and talented friend Sarah Tunstall for the amazing pictures. ;) I can't wait to see more!)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life Portraits

I love taking pictures. (You're thinking "Oh - you don't say? I hadn't gathered that by the hundreds you've posted of on this blog" lol.) But I discovered that I love 2 different kinds of pictures. I love pictures like these...
Crisp, clear, vibrant - capturing bright and beautiful moments. Positive, pure and pleasant.
These pictures make everything seem more alive. I think "wow...look at those eyes...those little teeth." I love the detail . Everything is in focus. The subject is obvious. The feeling is happy. The purpose is clear.
I also love pictures like these...
A different kind of beauty - a little mysterious - a mix of light and shadow. The image isn't as clear or focused - it's slightly hidden and and blurred in places. Not as easy to read - but it has a certain kind of magic and charm that makes me want to stare at it longer - causing me to wonder...and daydream.
It doesn't just capture a captures a moment.
And as I thought about how I like them both - it reminded me of how life falls into similar categories. Sometimes it's bright, clear and easily navigated. The details are visible and arranged in a lovely sort of way and your purpose seems clear. Other times, things aren't as well-defined.
The future seems blurry and you're not sure what to focus on.
There is light...and there is shadow.
What is amazing is that there are the blessings in those moments - learning to trust, letting go of perfection, finding beauty in simplicity or renewing your faith from fear of the unknown. Sometimes it takes being unable to see our future...for us to stop and really look at our lives. At how much we are blessed. How much we are loved. How much we can give. How much we've been given.
So as much as the photos are different - and certain times in our lives are different
- at the core of each there is beauty.
The beauty that sometimes we DO get answers and meet with success and validation.
And the beautiful knowledge that during times of "not-knowing" our faith is growing.
Life can be difficult. I'm not sure why that still surprises me. This is not a perfect world.
But life can be so beautiful. I love when beauty surprises me. And His strength is made perfect in weakness.
And living my life with that focus...I don't have to be able to see every detail. I can find beauty in light...and in shadow. I can feel confident in the blessings I see...and the hidden blessings that may take time to reveal.
And I can love these snapshots of life for the ways they different - and the ways they are similar.
Because they are beautiful.
And they are life.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh do you know...

...The Muffin Man?
He's always up for something sweet,
These muffins were a special treat.
Made with love from Grandmother Penny....
Jet says he's not sharing any. :)
Mmmmm.... Thank you Grandmother.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cheerier Cheerio

Let me just say "wow" to the nurses, doctors, and mothers of multiple children - you have my deepest respect - because having a sick baby will We didn't end up in the ER or have to have surgery or any other horrible things that I know we could have gone through - for that I am so grateful.To be honest - I'm not exactly sure what was going on except at this point I'm thinking it was a combo of cutting multiple teeth (including 2 molars) and the dreaded and long-battled constipation. And it wasn't like he was up all night or making me pace the floor with him - it was really more emotionally exhausting then physically.

I don't know how people do it who have more than one sick baby at a time - or a sick baby and other healthy kids to take care of - or those who do this a profession - I commend you. It's simply not fun. And it's not just the being sick part - it's the "what's bothering you" part and the "what can I do to make it better" part and the "should I take you to the doctor" part and the "I hate it when you're this sad" part. The questions he can't answer. The questions I can't answer. The questions doctors can't answer. It's a guessing game - and I don't know anyone who likes guessing games. I like "this is exactly what's going on here and this is how you fix it right away" games...
but oddly enough we rarely get to play those! ;)

I know sick babies is something all mommies deal with - but when you throw the "SB card" in there it just shakes things up a little bit more. There are some "extra" questions running through you mind (is it another UTI? Are we gonna have to start cathing? Is it his shunt? Am I being naive in thinking I'd know what a shunt malfunction looks like - I've never actually seen one...?.) So Thursday I let out a big "PHEW!" when he seemed better and today I'm breathing a deep sigh of relief as I type and say "Thank you God for a much better day, a much happier family, a less-stressed mommy and a much cheerier Cheerio-wearin' little boy."
I am so happy to see you happy again.
While I like the snuggles and rocking time we shared the last week...I missed your curiosity...
and your sweet ability to play with anything...
The way you refuse to look at the camera, and when you do it's like this...
The way even though you won't look at me, I don't mind taking 100 pictures of your curls...
...those sweet curls that I keep saying I'm gonna cut off...I must be crazy...but I did mistake you for a little girl when Daddy on a run pushing you in the stroller and I had to do a double take when I realized that "cute little girl" was MY little boy.
Oh you little boy, you.
I know someone who may not be so happy to see you up and around again...
But I sure am!

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