Sunday, September 5, 2010


This week was a week of beginnings.
New beginnings for our newlywed friends who were off honeymooning...
Baby beginnings for new parents....
(Baby Bryce. Isn't he gorgeous?)
And some special mommies who are newly- expecting. Having another baby after SB has rocked your world can be nerve-racking as well as wonderful. I admire them greatly and I'm so happy for them! Keep them in your prayers. :)
(Congratulations Karen and Erica)
Of course one of my favorite beginnings...
...the beginning of Fall...
(Taken at outside the window at mornings and coffee are a perfect combination.)
And of course the beginning of Fall football (which is a misleading term because I'm well aquatinted with football and I'm pretty sure it graces our TV till March or something crazy)

But probably the sweetest beginning in our lives is the beginning of this...

Our little man is showing the beginning signs of walking. :)
Just 2 days ago at PT he was unwilling to let go of the couch - any time we set him up to a walker or tried to support his elbows or torso and walk with him, his went all "noodle-legs" and wouldn't budge. Jet was a sit-down protester who's motto seemed to be "if it's not my idea...I'm not having any part of it." (Did I say this was my favorite age? This "exerting independence" thing is cramping my style! lol..)
I've been seeing him get stronger and kinda thought "what's the hold up?" It's hard not knowing if your child will walk - and we've faced that...and we still worry sometimes about how much he'll be able to do and for how long...but when you think they CAN walk and just aren't interested in's hard to be patient. I told myself "you're being ridiculous...just wait...he's coming along...he's come this far already...just wait." But then I started second guessing myself. "Am I not pushing him hard enough? Do we not do enough PT? Should I be more actively pursuing this?"
What is the perfect balance between patience and pushing???
I worry I'm not doing enough. Not doing it right. Not doing the best for him.
It's not right for me to worry. I need to trust more.
And as if to remind me of this...Jet suddenly decided he was ready to start this process. :)
As of Friday, he's holding our hands and taking steps and just GOING!
He's a rock star. I'm so proud of him.
I know it's only the beginning. And I'll need to remind myself to be patient because it's my understanding that "letting-go-of-mommy's-hand/the wall/the couch-and-walking" is a different story. But I'm so happy to see him at the beginning of something
that is so symbolic of everything he's been through.
Now is walking the only thing that has been threatened by having SB? No. We still have many other hurdles that I'm not yet certain how to jump over. Things that we are not happy with and want to fix - things we wish were easier for him. Things we are not sure how we are going to deal with them or what the best option is. And there are many other things that have yet to be a problem...but could be. And we'll face them as they come - thankful for the days we haven't had to face them.
But right now...we're smiling.
And swinging.
And sliding.
And holding on to each other.
(with Aunt Kelly, Michelle and Katie at the park. He had a blast! So spoiled by those 3 ladies.)
Walking hand-in-hand.
I actually can't think of any better way to walk.
Walking is by no means the only wish we have for him - not even the greatest. Do we want him to walk - absolutely - I praise God that he has come this far - but will we be devastated if he can't some day down the road. No. Honestly, no.
Please don't get me wrong, I am not being pessimistic or saying that I wouldn't be heartbroken in some ways. Of course I would. But in a way we had to come to terms with that possibility once before and we were okay. Why? Because there is so much more to life - so many blessings we've seen and been given.
I know so many amazing children who can't or will not walk unassisted or otherwise and they are everything I want for my child - they are inspiring, kind, energetic, smart, strong, loving and HAPPY!
Who could ask for more?
So even though it's hard work sometimes...
(walking is exhausting)
Right now...
I can't imagine being happier.


krousehouse said...

What a big boy! Go Jet! And he's so cute doing it...

Stephanie said...

Much to be happy for, indeed! He is doing amazing-thanks in part to two wonderful and supportive parents. Keep up the great work, Jet! We're on the sidelines cheering for you! :)

Stefanie said...

your posts are always so creative and inspiring :) Way to go Jet!!
I have the same sentiments about seems to over take for quite awhile, we are Colts fans over here :)

Scasmflops said...

Joanna--- Oh wow!!! (tears, tears, tears) SO very very proud and happy and excited and oh... you know exactly how I feel. What a blessing!!!! Love you guys so very much. I am ready to jump on a plane so I can hold that little hand and experience this too. Go Jet Go!!! GO Joanna too, you are an amazing encouragement to me, thank you friend.

The Dugan's said...

God is so good!! So happy for Jet's success! Brenden was sitting here looking at your pictures and he started clapping saying "Yay!" when I told him Jet was starting to walk. (Now if Brenden would just have the same enthusiasm for himself and quit being stubborn!)

Liz Keicher said...

Oh my gosh how EXCITING! Yeeeeaaahh Jet!

Your sentiments are great - there is so so so much Jet will accomplish, and right now, this is great, thick, chocolate frosting slathered on the most delicious cake. We're cheering Jet on from miles away.

What a great way to start a new season...

HennHouse said...

These photos are amazing.

Heather said...

You don't know me, but I am a fellow SB mom. I have twin 11 month old girls, one with SB. I always enjoy reading your blog and have wanted to comment so many times. What you write is so inspiring to me and literally brings me to tears more often than not. :)Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful thoughts and pictures. You are blessed with a beautiful boy.

JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

Awesome, Jet!!!!!!!! He's just a little stubborn, Mom, give him time! HA! We are so proud of you and your continued strength!
A big high five from the Crosiers!

Jill said...

Good job buddy!! Is it just me, or does he even look older in those pictures? It's like walking has turned him into a little boy. Or maybe it's the hair brushed down. Either way, ROCKSTAR!!

Amanda said...

Way to go Jet!
Joanna - you seem to know exactly what I'm thinking!
It seems like Jet has the same stubborn streak that Nick has, which leads to the pushing/patience dilemma.
And thanks for the reminder to appreciate today!

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