Monday, March 16, 2009


David and I go in for our 28 week ultrasound with the perinatologist this Wednesday the 18th. We're excited to see our baby again and see how big he's gotten, but we're also nervous at what news we could receive. So if you could please say an extra prayer for us over the next 2 days we would appreciate it. Waiting and not worrying is so hard.
Please pray that we will have peace while we wait and faith that God will take care of everything. Pray that the doctor will see good developments and positive images on the ultrasound.
Pray that whatever the outcome of this appointment, we will have renewed strength and hope. And as always, pray that God will continue to form our baby with His hands and that if it be His Will, our miracle baby will just get better and better. :)

Thank you so much. We cannot imagine going through all this without your love, prayers and warm thoughts.

A psalm for our baby. :)
"He has put His angels in charge of you, to watch over you wherever you go." Psalm 91:11


Johnson A GoGo! said...

You know you are in our prayers. I just know God is with you and your sweet baby. I am anxious to hear the news and see how little guy is doing. Love all 3 of you!

Micki said...

Of course we will be praying as we have been since we found out you were expecting baby boy Penny. May God grant you peace and comfort with your next visit, no matter what the news, although I know it will be good.

Leigh and Andy said...

I remember reciting Isiah 41:10 to myself as Leigh and I walked into the ultrasound room for those monthly appointments. It honestly helped me relax and focus on whatever news we were about to receive. There will always be some level of anxiety involved with every appointment, you really can't escape that, that's normal. But having peace and understanding that it's part of God's perfect plan makes it a lot easier. love and prayers.
Andy and Leigh

truly blessed said...

HE is able to accomplish more than we could ever dream.
Our prayers are with you and your little bundle of energy (the baby, not David). ;)
Much Love.

Joanna and David said...

lol. It's easy to compare the two. They have very similar personalities. ;)

Papi said...

I continue to be amazed and encouraged by your hopefulness and endurance. I will pray for you and baby to have a good checkup today and that he will be his photogenic best in the pictures :) We are so proud of you and know that you will remain strong through all of this. We're there for you and David anytime you need us. You can even stop by the house and visit us if you ever need to...

Joanna and David said...

lol. Nice way to end your comment. :) I guess if anyone knows me they'd get the subtle joke.

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