Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Baby's Latest Glamour Shot. :)

David and I are very happy to say that our doctor's appointment with the perinatologist today went well. We went in for my 28week ultrasound to check on baby and many things weighed on our minds. Praise God we were given positive news. The doctor said that our baby boy was still growing right on schedule (weighing 2lbs10oz now :) ) and that there were no new concerns. Baby was all over the place and looking adorable! We were relieved when the Dr. said that everything was stable and looking very good. :) Feet are still kicking (caught on ultrasound) and he had good movements. The Dr. did notice the left ventrical of the brain is still "slightly swollen" (like last time) but that the right side was normal and the fact that no further swelling had occurred in the last 6 weeks was a good sign. When we commented that our baby was "hanging in there" he said "he is more than hanging in there." :) Such a blessing to hear. Thank you all so much for the prayers that went out for our baby today and always. We go back April 15th for our 32week check up. It seems like forever away but after today's blessings we are content to wait on the Lord. Please continue to remember our baby in your prayers as the doctor reminded us that so much is still unpredictable. Pray that we are able to dwell on the hope we received today and the hope we have in God - not the uncertainty we still face. Pray that the baby's condition remains stable or even improves! :) (particularly with the brain swelling) so that we may have a chance of avoiding additional surgeries. And pray for our hearts to feel God's love and strength so we will be able to face whatever lies ahead. We know our God can work wonders - He has so far on our baby and we have faith in the wonders yet to come. Praise God! And thank you all.


Papi said...

I don't know if he's thinking, saluting or playing peek-a-boo, but the hand above the eyes is his way of letting us know he's doing just fine for now. I'm so happy for your good report and the nice pic. Time will fly by, so get ready.

Micki said...

Now isn't he the most gorgeous baby? We will keep praying that he continues to grow and do well. I will especially pray that no matter how strong and cute he becomes as he grows up, that he will have parents that always put God first and that he will know our Lord and want to go to Heaven.
Now I need to get ready for the day so I can do some baby shopping.

truly blessed said...

Happy news and a great picture!
Those Dr. visits are so nerve racking. It's such a blessing when you get good news.
What a handsome boy you've got there. He's surrounded by SO much love. I bet he was doing a little happy dance for you. :)
We serve a MIGHTY, AMAZING God. He can handle all of that unpredictable stuff with His eyes closed.
(Just ask Donny Latner. He taught us all how to grow hair last night. Your Mom will fill you in.) :)
Love you. ♥

Meinhardt Family said...

Great update! So happy he is doing well. I love the pics.

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

Is that your bellY? It's a beautiful picture. (The baby and belly pic :) ) I'm so glad to hear that Baby Penny is "more than hanging in there" He is going to be such a wonderful blessing and I cannot wait to meet him.

Leigh and Andy said...

I'm so happy to hear that your appointment went well! One down and just a few more to go until your little one is HERE!!! :)

Johnson A GoGo! said...

I thought I'd posted a comment here already - I don't know what happened!

I love that picture at the end. The baby is too cute, too.

Love you all!

Summer Pendley said...

What a beautiful belly and GREAT news about that baby boy! :) So glad to hear it! By the way~love the red newsboy cap! :) Very fashionable! :)

kjpalmer08 said...

I was so glad I could be home to see him, even if only through the tv. Love you!

The Dugan's said...

I enjoyed reading all your posts! I went back and started at the beginning!! I am so glad you found has been such a source of strength for my husband and I. Your little one will be here before you know it and all the worry will be behind you. Lots of prayers that God will give you guys strength as you await your precious little baby!!

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