Monday, November 8, 2010

Fantasy Football

No - I don't participate in fantasy football. I really don't understand what it is actually. I know you aren't playing, watching or coaching football. From what I understand from watching my husband - what you are doing involves a computer, tacky screen-name, and lots of trash-talk. ;) Doesn't much tempt me. But that's probably because my football-fantasy is that it would be over by Christmas so we can move on with our lives!! lol. But that's not really the point of this post...
He is.
My little sport with a different kind of "pig-skin" than his Halloween costume. :)
Jet loves soccer balls, bouncy balls and baseballs...
I'm not surprised he knew just what to do with a football.
And it's funny watching him here...with his football and helmet. Some moms might feel a tingle at a possible "glimpse into the future." I can pretty much guarantee no such future for my little guy. Football is NOT on the list of approved sports for kids with SB. Not that I'm too sad - I don't know how those mothers do it watching their boys out there getting hit and pushed and thrown to the ground facing broken bones and numerous bumps and bruises. Not that we're a stranger to bruises - Jet is already learning how to get those on his own just playing! But it would be hard to watch.
What does tug at my heart a little is the fact that he can't. Not that he wouldn't physically be able to - he might - but it would be way to dangerous for him with his SB. I don't want him to be disappointed or have a reason to be sad he has SB. Now that may seem unrealistic - all kids have disappointment. Everyone faces things they can't or don't get to do. And you may think "of course he's going to be sad he has SB. It's a disability. That's not a happy thing." But then you haven't met Katie - who when asked "do you like having Spina Bifida" said a happy "Yes!". :) Love her. Love the hope she give me. Love the example she'll be for my Jet. Love her happiness. I look at her and feel at ease. I look at her and think - Jet will be like that. He won't be sad. And if he won't outweigh his joy. He won't mind not playing football. He will do so many other things! And he will be amazing.
There will be football in the yard with Daddy.
And playing on the grass enjoying the fresh air.
And being silly with Mommy.
There will be adventure and games and excitement and accomplishment.
And there will be love.
So much love.
And real love outshines any fantasy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Guess Who?

Jet has little Halloween riddle for you...
Frequently Asked Questions:
Isn't Piglet a girl? - No. Piglet is a boy. It's not an opinion - he is really a boy. I promise. The only girl in the Winnie the Pooh stories is Kanga. Yep. The rest are boys. But it's Hall0ween folks - in just a minute you're going to meet a little girl dressed as the cutest Winnie the Pooh you've ever seen. :) So go with it.
But he's pink?! - Yes. He's a pig. Pigs are pink. And besides that...real men wear pink.
Did people think he was a girl? - Maybe - but that's really not unusual...have you seen his eyelashes? ;) He's just plain pretty.
Did he like his costume?- A big, shocking YES! Being that Jet hates all hats I feared we were in for a battle - but he was so intrigued by the whole experience (as seen below) and all those children dressed up that he didn't mind his fluffy costume one bit! :) What a sweet surprise.
As soon as we arrived Jet began searching for his best buddy, Pooh.
On our searches we found a cute cowboy and a sweet little piece of candy....
(David - 18 months) (Bryce - 2 months)

And searched high and low until...
It's Winnie the Pooh...who lost her shoe...
Or maybe we're mixing up our fairytales...
Recognize this cute little red-head?
That's right! It's sweet, little Jane from our California adventures this summer! Here in Georgia for a weekend visit and some trick-or-treating with her "Det".
And what a sweet reunion it was.
We even got to meet Jane's newest buddy - Benjamin - who came along for the visit (with his Mommy of course).
Jane had plenty of love to go around...
Unfortunately, Jet is not okay with public displays of affection.
He did cooperate for a grandmother/grandchild photo op!
And some cousin to cousin memory-making.
And with a growl of approval (yes...apparently pigs growl. Video to come...)
Mission accomplished.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Little Boo

Not sure if everyone knows this...but we call our little boy "Boo". Not sure how it started - maybe with Aunt Kelly - but it stuck - and he is...Boo. ;) This weekend has been full of that special craziness that always follows family, holidays, candy, and many....many...picture-taking moments. Craziness that leads to the unthinkable - the scariest thing of all - delayed blog posting. ;) So while you wait for the belated (much anticipated) trick-or-treating treasures we are sure to share...we wish you a Happy Halloween...hope it was as boo-tiful as ours was.
First....a flashback...
Scary how much he's grown!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Pefection

On Friday, we finally made it out the pumpkin patch. The weather was 100 times better than last year - when I felt like the worst mother on earth dragging my 5 month old baby out in the freezing weather in the name of tradition and cute pictures - I wasn't alone though. ;) So I guess it's okay. But this year...this year was gorgeous.
The air was warm, the sun was golden, and we had the whole place to ourselves...
...the rewards of waiting till the last minute.
We quite enjoyed ourselves.
We visited the old spots...
And created some new memories...
Is that a cow? hmm..
And explored the wonderful, fall-filled nature around us.
With an "on-the-move" baby we had to improvise to keep him in one place for a picture...pumpkin barricade anyone?
Oh man! We forgot how much this guy loves to climb over things!
And boy is he fast.

Sun = bunny face.
How can you choose just one?
I found my pumpkin!
My little punkin' pie.
I can't believe how much he's grown -
- but he's still just about the cutest thing ever.
I'll take you for a ride on my big green tractor...
Happy Fall My Precious Little Pumpkin!

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