Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Has Sprinted

I don't know about you - but I feel like I've been running the 100 yard dash since October. The winter months mildly came and went - holidays were celebrated and busy schedules were juggled as we anticipated warmer weather, flowers blooming, waiting for a few rainy months of routine to set us back into a comfortable pace - and instead I blinked...and it's almost summer!

Spring sprang right past me!

(Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day! I think hallmark is missing out on a gold mine but not providing cards for such occasions.)

 As shamrocks made way for colored eggs...

..that soon hatched lovely mother's day bouquets...

(My mother's day gift from Jet this year. It's green like the month of may: our shared birthstone as well. He picked it out himself. Could I love it more? The answer is no.)

(Rainy morning Mother's Day...but my sunshine pushed the clouds away.)

...we were so busy I could hardly take a breath much less stop to smell the roses!
But we did our best to enjoy the moments.

Happy Easter Sunday

Why yes - my shoes are happiness in foot-form! Thank you for noticing. 

 And thankfully were blessed to enjoy a brief rest over "Spring-is-gonna-Break-me-if-we-don't-take-a-Vacation." Our sweet friends let us use their amazing condo in Destin. It was beyond fabulous.

The relaxation was amazing.

 The view was amazing.

The beach was amazing.

(Jet stumbled across a couple of young blondes who quickly succumbed to his charm and incredible beach hair. I suddenly felt anxiety sent on over the thought of his teenage years...)

(Why yes. That is my son across the beach sharing a towel with a little girl he doesn't know. Is that not what your 3 year olds do?)

 The food was amazing.

The shopping was amazing.

 Jet was amazing.

We were amazing.

It was - amazing.

And then we took the "why-is-going-back-much-more-difficult-than-the-way-down-here" drive back home. And fell back  into an already-sprung Spring. I can't even account for most of the days this past month. Although there was this one thing that happened - a pretty special college graduation for a certain red-headed sister of mine. 

She's kind of adorable. And sorta awesome. 

Congratulations Kay-Bay!

But other than that - I'm stumped as to where the time went! Spring seems to have swept past us leaving  me wishing more than ever it was acceptable for women to swoon onto a fainting couch at the slightest hint of fatigue. But wherever the days went, I'm pretty sure they were filled with a lovely spring-mix of  hard work, planting flowers, cleaning house, and most of all refocusing and re-organizing  our lives so that hopefully by summer we can relax, enjoy the moments, and count our blessings from this super-speedy-spring-season. Thankfully I had my camera with me so I can look back and say "oh look honey- we did have a March, April, May this year! I coulda sworn we went straight from Valentine's Day to summer but here it is all on film. Musta been that inaccurate blog that threw me off!"

"Somebody should really keep up with that thing."

Oh...right... :)


Tracy Jensen said... look like life is being happilyl and joyously...and I want to be your bff and soak in your sunshine! :) You make life look that happy! :)

Dear life from a mom of boys
AKA Kumaka's mommy

Leigh and Andy said...

i'm sort of dying over your curly hair with that hat. Seriously, LOVE it! I am with ya on the craziness of life! I went from having a 3 year old to an almost 3 and a half year old in the blink of an eye! If you figure a way to slow things down, please let me know!! Love you!!

Sarah Hull said...

Loved this so much! It was great to get caught up on your beautiful life. Your pictures are like eye candy! Your sweet family just shines with darlingness. Love you friend! XO

Our family said...

Loved this post and your family!!! Thanks for the update. Your life looks fabulous and Jet is still as adorable as can be ;) I can't wait to meet some time soon! Ang

Lindsay said...

I was excited to see this post in my google reader! :-) Looks like it was a happy spring!

scasmflop said...

Everytime you just make my heart so happy!!!! The pictures, the simple way you put moments into precious memories!!!! MISS YOU!!!! Gosh I just miss you guys so much!!!! hugs and hugs!!!

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